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Janak Yadav, who?

Namaste, I am Janak Kumar Yadav, blogger and moderator for the blog - JANAK YADAV (dot com) from India.

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I am a Graduate in Finance (Honours) from the University of Calcutta. I live in Howrah City, offshore to Kolkata - the India's City of Joy.

My ancestral home is in Gorakhpur - Current Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mahant Yogi Adityanath's Jila Gorakhpur, remember!

I am fond of reading just anything that feels worth gaining knowledge from. Listening to music, especially Ghazal and Sufi songs (Classical Genre) is my favorite. Whereas, my hobby is to collect Sim Cards. I have a bunch of them, do send me your old junk sim cards if you can.

Dreamt of becoming a Radio Jockey but later found that my fingers speak better than my mouth. Thus entered the blogging arena with my Office Of Words i.e, my blog without any specific niche but just with a multilingual aspect of Hindi and English. I write and share what I feel like my readers want to read or know through my website.

You know what, 'What a life' changed to a better website title prospect 'Straight from Janak'. Later I finally settled as per the domain URL - www.janakyadav.com on which I have been blogging on since years. Pun intended, only with respect to the blog archive. 

My blog is a dynamic place to express my views & opinions, share my thoughts & experiences along with the memoirs from my life; vividly revolving around India, People & Society, it's traditions, customs, and rituals due to my eagerness to do creative content photography.

I blog here to share through my photography, actually "Smartphone Photography". 
I feel glad to present to you, my selective words and photographs together. With always in mind to hearing more from you.

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All The Best,