About Me & My Blogs

Hi, I am Janak Kumar Yadav, a graduate in Commerce from Calcutta University.
I am born and brought up in Howrah, West Bengal but basically, my ancestral village is in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am very much fond of Gadgets, Reading, Social interactions and writing my experiences with a pinch of Smartphone Photography. 

Dreamt of becoming a Radio Jockey but later found that my fingers speak better than my mouth.

  • Entered blogging arena with my #Blog 'What a life' which later changed to a better blog title prospect "Straight from Janak". My blog is a dynamic place to express my views & opinions, share my thoughts & experiences along with the memoirs from my life; presuming to hear innovative fun facts from your side too.

  • On a contrary, you can also check my #PhotoBlog @ "Pictures Speak - We Have To Understand Them" where I blog best photos captured from my Smartphone, vividly revolving around India, People & Society, it's traditions, customs, and rituals due to my eagerness to do creative photography, Instagram and every picture or image I feel glad to present to you. 

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