Picture Perfect Moment - Dog asking for human help in human language on railway track

Thodi Si Toh Lift Kara De - Dog beneath the train on railway tracks. Seems like asking for human help in human sign language.

This incident happened with me when I was traveling by Indian Railways. My train was on halt at Samstipur Junction Railway Station. and this dog appeared just beneath the 'LIFT HERE' sign you all have seen in Indian Railways Passenger Wagon compartments.

And gave me this opportunity to capture the picture-perfect moment on my smartphone mobile's camera.

It looked like the dog appeared from the other side of the platform finding his way out. He was trying to climb onto the platform on which the train was standing. But did not find success. That moment shot in a camera portrays like if the dog is asking for human help in human language.
Check out that photo on my Instagram:- @janakyadav
As soon as I took the photo, he disappeared unharmed in his quest to find out the right way without any human help & moved out of railway tracks following his own animal conscience.

A smartphone in hands really helps us out in taking picturesque & perfect moment pictures to bring out the fun and laughter from your mobile photography skills. No matter whatever pixels you have in your phone's camera.

What is your story of the picture perfect moment?

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