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Durga Puja Throwback 2014 – From Kumhartoli to Pujo Pandal and Visarjan

This is Durga Puja throwback for the year 2014. Almost four years passed away since that Durga Pujo we organized well that year. It is 2018 and I still have those photographs and videos yet to be shared with the world. The world, where everything has changed drastically during these 4 years for us.

These pictures have become memories spent together. Memories of visiting a kumhartoli (Kumortuli, as called in Bangla) in Bansberia of Hooghly district from Howrah district for Durga Puja idol purchase.
Then Pandal hopping in para (locals) and the whole city listening to Dhaak tunes and smelling food and the fragrance of Seuli flower.
Heavily eating out with friends and family. Dumped into festive season that engulfs the whole West Bengal. Followed by the arrival of 'Vijaya Dashami' the time for visarjan of Durga Puja idols into the river waters of holy Ganga.

On the way to Kumhartoli in Hooghly from Howrah