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Karma is a practically balanced remuneration for your deeds in continuity, not a bitch!

The word Karma reminds me of that bollywood movie song “Karma Is A Bitch” sung by Suraj Jagan in the feature film ‘Shor In The City’, no doubt it also makes me groove on its tune too. But in real world we Indians, target the word karma with several proverbs and jargons in our day to day life. For instance, we utter hindi proverbs “Jaisi Karni waisi bharni” which means ‘As you sow, so you reap’. Or  “Uparwala bhi dekhta hai” which quotes as ‘Even God is watching your actions, watch out’ and so on. These proverbs on karma are unending, varying from country to country and languages spoken. Some praise karma and some curse as per their thinking stature.
Justice is all about balance and security. Image Courtesy-
 Overall, karma is like a hanging magnetic sword which balances itself practically, but since it is magnetic by nature, it easily gets attracted to good & bad deeds, let us assume deeds as iron balls in this case.It can hit downwards due to your bad deeds which can be felt as punishment. Whereas, if it gets attracted upwards to the second iron ball, it might be felt like magical show. In both the case, karma was just doing it’s duty. Thus a sin done for/on duty is not a sin but a duty and you can’t blame karma for it’s sins.

Karma Is A Practically Balanced Phenomena:-

Karma and it’s repercussions balance each other. They are way too practical in doing that. It equals what you thought would overflow someday. Signifying, karma to be a practically balanced remuneration based on your labour for a certain period of time, thus your labour equals to the good or bad deeds you did continuously. Continuously because continuity is life, continuity brings outcome. If it is not continuous what’s the point for getting rewarded or punished for it? You won’t get that jinxed feel when it hurts you, also you won’t get that Happy-Go-Lucky feel when it rewards you. We all would ignore and move on when our own karma hits back for a deed we sustained for few nanoseconds only. As we all know that practice makes perfect, while practice being a continuous process. if you practice good stuffs you’re a samaritan, if you practice bad one, you’re a satan, and yes, your karma decides that before it makes you pay for your sins and charity. I mean, who wants to be judged for the trowel which he never continued for long!

Let me narrate one such karmic story right up here. It was just another gloomy day in city of joy, Kolkata. I was on my daily office schedule riding my bike to complete a new work assigned to me. Heading towards the red signal at Esplande which was showing 67 seconds left to go green, suddenly a biker without helmet and in vests and three-quarter overtook me in a rush, did a so called “S” ride dance with his bike and stopped at the red signal. His attire proved him to be a local of that area, thus he got a valid licence to drive without helmet and proper body protection, stop the vehicle ahead the stoppage line onto the zebra crossing and so on. I too stopped on the signal just behind that guy onto the designated painted lines and turned off the ignition as 62 more seconds were left for the traffic on my lane to move. In  between that 1 minutes, I started wondering that God is unfair, in this case, Kolkata Traffic Police is unfair. They only charge innocent and down to earth people for traffic offences whereas the real offenders are riding freely on Kolkata roads and no one can teach them a lesson till they die. My attention broke as soon as the traffic signal timer’s count started diminishing to 5…4…3…2…1…..and then GREEN. Most of the vehicles have just started accelerating in the first gear at that time when suddenly a THUDD sound caught my attention. It was the same biker lying down flat on the roads with his bike which just did a 360 degree on the road. He was in pain, pain of crossing the signal when the timer was ticking in between 2…1…. and GREEN. It would have become a matter of traffic offence and the biker would have got full support by fellow pedestrians and drivers on the road only if the vehicle hitting him wasn’t of Kolkata Police itself. What a mockery it was, he got a perfect treat with a grand welcome to Cafe Karma. Even that Kolkata Police vehicle stopped for a moment, acknowledged the situation that the without helmet biker was in hurry thus punched into crossing police vehicle that too when he was ought to stand quiet at red signal. And left him lying down in pain on the busy streets of Kolkata which I also felt was better than being fined or challan on his vehicle number or driving licence if he had.

Roads are filled with idiots, why be like one of them? Follow rules and drive safely. (This Image is not my copyright)
Hence, here we can acknowledge that he was punished for his own deeds which he has been continuing since many days, as that “S” ride dance on bike is a mastery of showoff ness that comes with a practice. And as I said earlier, Karma is way too practically balanced which is proved by the incident that none other than police vehicle hit him, if it would have been a private vehicle, the biker would have pounced on it’s driver as he was a local lad. Since, it was a police vehicle, he wasn’t left with anything else other than a taste of his own Traffic Karma. Now you know Karma's not a bitch, but still people bitch about it. 

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