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He Came, He Sat, He Conquered My Heart

It took more than a year for me to present this wonderful friend to the whole world through my blog. He was like any stranger when we met on Ganga river’s ghat at Howrah. Those days, I was going through ups and downs in my life. I hope you all are familiar with the story of sour grapes. Whatever I did wasn’t bearing a fruit. Neither blogging, nor digital marketing, or anything. Personally or professionally, it was a hard time. I used to roam around in search of a peaceful place in my city, where no one knows me so that I can sit back, relax and talk to myself in search of answers. And what could have been more soothing than river side on a summer noon. So I went to this place, near Bangeshwar Mahadev temple where 51 feet tall Lord Shiva’s statue is resting. The Ganges ghat I am talking about is the one just opposite to Kolkata’s famous Bhuthnath temple, which falls on Salkia School Road, the lane in which Salkia AS High School is established. It was like a half day for me from office …

Karma is a practically balanced remuneration for your deeds in continuity, not a bitch!

The word Karma reminds me of that bollywood movie song “Karma Is A Bitch” sung by Suraj Jagan in the feature film ‘Shor In The City’, no doubt it also makes me groove on its tune too. But in real world we Indians, target the word karma with several proverbs and jargons in our day to day life. For instance, we utter hindi proverbs “Jaisi Karni waisi bharni” which means ‘As you sow, so you reap’. Or  “Uparwala bhi dekhta hai” which quotes as ‘Even God is watching your actions, watch out’ and so on. These proverbs on karma are unending, varying from country to country and languages spoken. Some praise karma and some curse as per their thinking stature.
Overall, karma is like a hanging magnetic sword which balances itself practically, but since it is magnetic by nature, it easily gets attracted to good & bad deeds, let us assume deeds as iron balls in this case.It can hit downwards due to your bad deeds which can be felt as punishment. Whereas, if it gets attracted upwards to the secon…