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Memorable Road Trip to Digha, nearest Sea Beach from Kolkata

We Kolkatans, love sea food, so how can we resist loving the sea? We somersault for sea visits towards the Bay of Bengal as soon as we get time from the busy weekdays on the weekends. But this time, we did a summersault by crafting a memorable road trip by car to Digha, the nearest sea beach from Kolkata as my city was burning with 44 degree Celsius which actually felt like 49 degree C. Nothing could have been much soothing than getting a short relief beside the sea from this scorching Indian summer heat wave in the city.

We initiated by starting our car, this time Maruti Alto 800, sharp at 5:30 am from our place. On the driver's seat was my friend Rahul, onto his left was me, Ahem, Ahem! On the back seat were Didi(Elder Sister), Jija Ji(Brother-In-Law) and the budding Instagrammer, younger sister.

After fuelling the car to full tank around Kona Expressway, we rolled towards the Digha sea beach with an average speed of 80 kmpl and with a pre-planned stoppage for breakfast at SherE-Pu…