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Viewing 51 Feet Tall Lord Shiva Statue at Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir in Howrah, Eastern India.

One of it's kind in Eastern India, this 51 feet tall Lord Shiva statue was unveiled by Honorable President Of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday, December 13, 2015. The President along with his team and Governor of West Bengal Keshari Nath Tripathi visited the famous temple 'Natun Mandir' aka 'Naya Mandir' which means 'Newest Temple' in English, i.e, Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir or Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir in Howrah early morning on Sunday. FYI, the Shiva Temple rests in between Howrah Railway Station and Salkia's Bandhaghat area exactly on Salkia School Road which is both way connected to Kolkata either by road or by river through Golabari-Armenian Ferry Service as well as Bandhaghat-Ahiritola Ferry service too. It would hardly take an hour to reach the landmark if you are connecting the nearby dots I mentioned above during peak traffic hours.

First Day of inaugurating the tallest ever lord Shiva in Eastern India at Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Howrah

Out of 5 heads of Hindu deity Lord Shiva, four heads can be seen in the photo from front, while the rest one is on backside and can be seen while crossing river Ganga from Jetty. Photo clicked at Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir's Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir in Howrah

Since the inauguration was of a rarest of rare Lord Shiva statue in my city by The President Of India itself, adequate measures were taken to not to repeat any occlusion again, specially stampedes like Deshapriya Park Durga Puja of 2015 which happened while inaugurating the tallest ever, 81 feet Durga Idol on October 18, 2015. Thus, no promotions were done by the "Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir" authorities in any newspaper, TV or online media. Instead, I was aware of this fact a week ago that Honorable President will be unveiling the idol which we used to see in construction while sailing on a ferry service to and fro Howrah & Kolkata on the river Ganges. All thanks to a loquacious friend of mine for this pre-news.
Welcome banner written in bengali hung opposite the gate of Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir for the honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

President of India worshipping Shivalinga in the temple at Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir. Pictures posted by 'President of India' on facebook.

President of India inaugurated 51 feet tall Lord Shiva statue/idol at Bangeshwar Mahadev Temple. Pictures posted by 'President of India' on facebook

President of India, Pranab Mukherjee seeking blessings and taking blessings after inaugurating the 51 feet tall lord Shiva statue at Bangeshwar Mahadev Temple, Howrah. Picture posted by 'President of India' on facebook.

This Fifty One Feet tall Shiva idol is unique in itself, not just because of geographical location but because of it's construction. The Shiva statue has five heads. It is made up of fibre glass, cement and reinforced cement concrete (RCC) and took 6 months to complete, weighing around 3 tonnes is currently shining on the bank of river Ganga on Howrah side but can be easily seen from the Howrah Bridge as well as the opposite bank of river Ganga, i.e, Kolkata side too. In case if you are Lord Shiva devotee from Kolkata, you can get a glimpse of it while visiting Lord Shiva Temple, The Bhootnath Temple of Bara Bazar, Kolkata which is situated in between Ahiritola and Nimtala crematorium.

Naya Mandir is new again. See the tallest Shiva hiding behind the temple dome. A Perfect glimpse while entering this famous temple we know by several names, such as Naya Mandir or Natun Mandir or Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir or Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir. It's a proud moment for all Howrah residents and people living in adjoining areas.

Though I was not able to visit the temple early morning on the inaugural day, I visited it the same day in evening. As I entered the temple premises, I found nothing new and surprising except a well decorated temple building covered by garlands. But As soon as I came closer to the temple building, walking down the pathway and garden, I noticed something flashing on my eyes behind the temple's dome. I was something like a first look teaser.

"Chalo bhakton, Photo le lo re..." Whole howrah is super excited, not just me!

There he was, shiny five headed Shiva who powered me up with divine feel and aroma coming out of the almighty. Felt proud that the district I was born in is in limelight for such a nice cause, felt nice that the temple I used to visit with my friends since childhood or sometimes alone in search of solace is blessed by the sight of 15 eyed Lord Shiva. What else can be more intriguing that I managed somehow to take a glimpse & blessings of the newly unveiled lord Shiva statue on it's very first day of being public, last but not the least.

Tallest Shiva Statue in Eastern India, Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir aka Naya Mandir

Five headed Shiva statue on the banks of river Ganga, Natun Mandir, Howrah

Along with this ceremony, Natun Mandir aka Naya Mandir or (New Temple) has once again proven it's name of being youngest and innovative temple out here in Howrah district. Their clean Ganga initiative and hard work always helped curb polluting of the river. Though a temple on the bank of river Ganga or a mandir committee is not enough to ensure that the whole river becomes garbage and pollution free. Thus their initiative in public interest to aware every Indian about "Clean Ganga - Save India" is really commendable. See how they renovated the temple premises with these thoughtful quotes. 

Urge to save the purity of sacred Ganges- Save Ganga, Clean Ganga, Save India, Clean India. Quote by Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir, Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Salkia School Road, Bandhaghat, Howrah

Dying Ganga will kill India and our religion too. #Quote by Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir, Bangeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Howrah

Ganga+God=Mokhsha = Faith of purity. Please maintain the faith. Quote by Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir

Come out of the movie 'gangajal', this one is sacred. Quote by Seth Banshidhar Jalan Smriti Mandir, Howrah, West Bengal

I hope from now on every Indian, irrespective of their caste and creed would pay some importance to the ailing river Ganga, at least if not for the sake of aquatic ecosystem, but for the fear of being caught by the 5 headed & 15 eyed almighty Lord Shiva who is ready with his trishul(trident) in one hand to kill the river polluting evils and to bless those nice souls from his other hand because they value to maintain the purity and essence of the river. Have a look.

Polluting river Ganga is like snatching mother Ganga from his head. Do you agree? 
Har Mahadev
Har Har Mahadev
Har Har Mahadev

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