Google Doodle for my Birthday-2014

Flooded with wishes from friends & relatives over Facebook and SMS, I was overwhelmed and excited. Suddenly, I thought of googling something. And to my surprise there was a google-doodle with cakes, pastries and candles on them. I assumed that it would be for a celebrity born on 8th of August, for example- Roger Federer who was also born on the same date and month as of mine, only the difference is of birth years. But my assumption turned wrong when I curiously hovered the mouse on this doodle just to check for whom it was. As soon as I saw "Happy Birthday Janak Kumar!" while the cursor key was resting in the center of this doodle, I was taken aback. I checked it again and it wasn't for any other celebrity other than me. Thank you Google for this wonderful doodle on my birthday. You surprised me at instant.