JNK is back to blogging again!

Yes, you are right. With a gap of 676 days from my last blog post to till date I have been away from the whole blog-o-sphere. And I must say that during these 676 days I wasn't surely enjoying my life. My world flipped upside down. I lost my father during early 2013. Life became the worst when Mom also started falling sick. Very few of the so called relations stood by my side during those days. But a little support at that time was massive for me. I am obliged to them for this gesture.

Image courtesy- http://infomidwife.blogspot.com

Surprisingly, my blog was actively visited by readers from around the world but some sort of writer's block or laziness always prohibited me from blogging on anything new. Ironically, Blog idea's used to creep in my mind but the motivation and guts to write a new blog-post seemed to be a wastage of time. As a contrary, whenever I tried to write down something new, later I ended up moving it to drafts. Finally I found myself sitting down on a pile of drafts in my blogger profile as well into my mind.
                   Interestingly, one thing I realised about myself that instead of distances with blogging those days, I never stopped clicking pictures from my smartphone camera, just in case if I might change my mind to blog on those photos taken back at that time. Somewhere and somehow I was always connected with the thoughts to blog during leisure time but Positive thoughts were suppressed by my mind during that negative stage of life.
Frankly speaking, I missed blogging. I missed sharing my thoughts, my pain and my happiness and my loneliness with anyone during 2012-2014. And to undo the same, I am back to blogging again. स्वागत नहीं करोगे हमारा??