Black is Bold and Beautiful

Black, often symbolised as the colour of coal, darkness, mourning, death, sins, evil, brutality, witches and magic. But with the advancement in time, the world started symbolising black as the colour of secrecy, power, protest and fashion. The modern world and their thinking style has totally removed the darkness out of this colour 'Black'. Now a days, black is the colour of elegance and charm which is why it is highly used in the fashion industry across the globe.

For me, the 5 top most desired stuffs covered up elegantly by the colour black are

  • Black body Smartphone-

    I love black body smartphones, no matter whether they are glossy or matte in finish, what I want is just black. Though Indian Mobile phone market is full of vivid colours in smartphones, with varities of colours like yellow, green, blue, red and oranges,etc but my search stops just on the colour black. And this sort of demand is highly fueled by my rough and tough usage. Yes, I often drop my phone on the floor and thus I have to be sure it doesn't catch up any scratches. We all know that apart from appearing charming, black is also a colour made for longterm usage, and the relationship between me and my gadget should be comfortable enough to last lifetime.
    My Nokia E6 (Perfectly Black)

  • Wrist watch with black dial- Some find themselves comfortable viewing a white dial or multi-coloured dial in their personal wrist watch, but for me a black dial wrist watch would suffice if it is fitted with a stainless-steel hour, minute and seconds pin. Yes, the contrast created by black dial and steel pins give better visibility even in low-light(specially nights).

Yes, that black dial & stainless steel mix.

  • Black Royal Enfield Bullet- When we talk about motor-bikes, Royal Enfield Bullet is a powerful one with a high longevity ratio. And when it comes to power and longevity, black is the perfect colour to accompany this state of mind. If it is my next bike, it would be black but not yellow like my current one.
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    • A black pen-

      I admire black when it comes to accessories which I wear or carry with myself. One can't say that black is fully dust proof or scratch proof, but we can't underestimate it with none the less than a dust and scratch resistant colour. Black is bold and beautiful. Thus,a pen painted in black with a glossy look is an awesome companion to carry with you always. It provides a nostalgic feel when you write down on a piece of white paper with your black pen irrespective of the ink it is having in it.
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    • A pair of black jeans-

      What I always ignored during my school days was a pair of black jeans, I used to love blue denims. But with the growth in my maturity as well as demands, and some dressing sense creeping into me during college days propelled me to go for a pair of black jeans in my wardrobe. And to my astonishment, my wheatish colour comes to life when I dress up in a white shirt and black jeans instead of the blue ones.
                                   This is how I adore black, what is your story to tell?