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The things I do with my Mobile Internet

Mobile now a days has become a very important part of our lives. From being close to the pocket of your casuals to being on your Office Desk. Helping you out of any situation or finding a solution, keeping your life organised or making it more messy, contacting with your near and dear ones or chatting with your distant pals, sharing your thought and assembling the parts of your virtual life, mobile phones are always there.
South African tribals using mobile phone
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                       Mobile phones and its importances are increasing day by day and summarizing the uses of it in everyday life is a challenge itself. The more you say the more leave room for others to point out. Everybody and their taste of Mobile phones are different. Some like to just make and receive calls and SMSes, whereas some like texting and Messaging, but there are some others, who use Mobiles upto its extent by using all its features. And with the growth of Mobile internet users in India, we can say that Internet is now a part of our life. Good news is that- this thing happened in a short span of time because 'Internet is Fun'. You have to find out different ways to use it as a resource.
                       Mobile has always been my closest pal ever. Even their is a story that Why and How I purchased my 1st Android Phone... I was using Nokia E52 and one day I went to Nokia care for Software upgradation and some weird problem happening in it. They asked me to submit it for few days, may be a week or month or so. I was also using another Mobile and that too is a multimedia handset. But giving Nokia E52 to service center was a really pathetic and emotional decision for me. I don't want to give it away to anyone even for a day or so, as I used to surf Internet and do stuffs like Reading Articles, Tweeting, Chatting with friends through IM(Instant Messenger), finding latest news and reviews of Gadgets, reading blogs and commenting,etc.
                       Finally, the decision was made in service center's and Mobile Handset's favor. But, I could not control myself as I can not keep Internet aloof and isolated from my lifestyle. Internet is like a habit and has become as necessary as breathing in every internet users life. I then and their, went to a nearby Mobile Retailers Shop and purchased my 1st Android Handset. Buying a new one was also a tough decision for me. Staying away from internet is not possible for me at all. So, I went to Internet Cafe and searched about new Mobile Phones available in market, without bothering the salesman's of Mobile Retailer Stores.
                      Within an hour, I purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace and was happy go luck as I have saved up my 1 month's Mobile Internet pack after spending some 13K on my new Android Handset. The craze about utility of Internet is not ending and infinite to describe.
Samsung Galaxy Ace
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                     Finally got the handset of my choice. The one I would use upto it's extent and would flaunt the amazing things and knowledge from internet to my friends. Being Tomboyish after flaunting your new handset to friends is surely rude, but sharing the amazing and enormous knowledge hosted on internet is a matter of pride and self respect. Thus, I fully charged my new phone on the first night and silently said first words to my new phone that -' Dear Phone, I am a rough user, be prepared and keep your RAM and signals always ready for me, I might use it anywhere, or for anypurpose'. As if this wasn't my Phone but my Robot.
                     Starting from the second day to till now, I have used internet excessively. The merriment of using internet is totally divine.
                        There are different ways of proving 'Internet is Fun', you just need to explore it, just the way I keep exploring here underwith:-

  • Being Connected with Friends and Strangers:-

     Yes, internet makes my social life easy by keeping all my friends and family members being connected to each other. I keep in contact with them through IM or Social Networks like Facebook, Google Plus, whereas sending and recieving memorable or latest Photos and videos from my family members settled abroad or in different city through Mobile Email. Internet also organised my Professional network friends and colleagues. Apart from known persons or family members, it also narrows the gap to interact with strangers and like minded people via Twitter and share my thoughts, ideas or experiences through Blogging. Though I am shy and introvert but I like to interact more frankly with people on internet than Face to Face. Internet also takes care that I should not be sitting idle as 'Idle mind is demon's home'.
  • Oraganising my Day-To-Day Life:-  Keeping all your important stuffs always with you is like carrying a big box filled with bricks. It's human tendency to 'Forget'. But, Internet bridges this gap between ForGetting and Getting Things Done(GTD). I keep my notes and important contact details including Mobile Phone's contact list & Calendar synced with cloud. Even important or daily to use documents are also synced on clouds through internet. So that whenever I want it I can use it then and their without finding it out from my messed up Desk. Services like Evernote, Do it (Tomorrow) and Dropbox helps me in organizing my Important notes, to do list, photos, recordings and documents accessible whenever I require them. And all through my Mobile only, by using internet. Checking monthly online Email Statement from my Bank is also a part of managing my Professional life through internet.

        • Searches and Solutions:-

          Whether you are looking for an exam result or finding the dates of forthcoming exams; Searching for latest News & happenings around the world or searching for relevant articles for your need; Finding a perfect mate online or finding a suitable hospital for medical check-up, Just search on internet and the solution is available to you. Whether, it is finding a nearest coffee shop for my personal leisure or booking a Railway Ticket for Mom-Dad's journey to village, or a Movie ticket for my girlfriend to cool her down, its easily done by me through my Mobile and Internet. Thus balancing my life is a matter of KBs and MBs.

          • Downloading, Uploading, Streaming and Syncing:-

            Being an internet crazy person is a not a new thing in today's life but restricting yourself to only just downloads is just not happening. From downloading songs, videos, movies or streaming videos on youtube or Uploading Photos or Videos clicked by Mobile Phone's  Camera, I do all these stuffs from my Mobile. As I have said it earlier I keep my photos, documents, and contacts synced with relevant services on internet.  My data is synced between phones, Computers and Operating Systems. I just need internet to access it.

            • Playfulness of internet is fun:-

              Games are my time-passing evergreen tools but some new sites like Pinterest is also eligible for that place. I use internet on my mobile to play online games available or getting an application for latest game on my mobile. All sort of games are available on internet for free, then why not internet will be a fun filled journey. I use and review different games and Android application on my mobile and be updated about what to use and what not to use. It also helps me maintaining my Android Crazy image among  my Friends, who recently started exploring internet and its capabilities. Thus, I like to look Uber cool in-front of them. All thanks to Internet and my Mobile. A true Loneliness killer indeed.
              Home page and menu page screenshot of android 2.3 smartphone gingerbread
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              • Talking and SMSing using Internet:-

                The old days are over. Its modern era and internet has given modern utililies to us like VOIP calling. But I use calling through your phone using internet through any application like Viber or Tango for free. Now, I send  Free SMSes online if required through a phone application or talk Face to Face using 3G and Video calling from my phone using Skype.

                • Tracking and Analyzing things:- 

                  I am a blogger and a student. Thus I need to take care of each and everything and this one sure is a hectic job. Thus, I download an application for that relevant job and tame the settings of it as per my requirement and forget about it. The application will keep a track record of that thing and I will be informed about it as there is something for me. I use Google reader on mobile to read those blogs which I am following. And, I use Google Analytics App to track my blog and analyse whats happening with that. Finding an unknown place in a far distant place was a strict no-no. But, now a days, I track the route and drive their hassel free using my mobile and its Navigation Map application. Thus, I don't feel unorganized and hectic from my Virual Social Life's prospect.
                • Buying and Selling Online:-  I buy and sell stuffs using some welknown sites  on internet and keep a track of any required product through my Mobile phone's web browser.
                  • Enjoying Student Life:-

                    Student life is the most fun-filled and unorganized + Hectic phase of Life. Nobody wants an end to it to the Fun. But the problems in student life are big too. I keep my Homework and Expenses and incomes tracked on my mobile through relevant Android Applications. Whether it is last date of submitting projects or first day of getting a new homework. I complete it down using internet as well as note them down respectively. Whether it is a simple calculation or a tough calculation, advanced Calculator Applications aren't away from my download using internet.

                    • Personal than Personal:-  What else can be more personal than using internet on mobile? Yes, your passwords are more personal than using internet. But, here too there is 'No Problem'. Just keep your password saved and synced with your mobile browser and lead a life with ease. And Of-course, Birthdays and Anniversaries can not be missed out on a personal basis. I keep note and reminder of Birthdays, important dates and Anniversaries of people around me in my Mobile's Google calendar and never forget to wish them whether I use the same phone or not. And last but not the least, in Personal stuffs, I write my online Diary daily using my Mobile and internet.

                      • Exchaning Notes and ideas from others:-

                        Internet has made interactions with peoples on the other part of  the world, very easy. You just need to find same like minded people out here using Social Networks or Forums and stay connected with them and get to know them and keep exploring things to learn. I extensively use Twitter on Mobile, to interact with my readers and exchange their thoughts and ideas and share mine with them. Apps like foursquare are also being used my me imminently. This kind of short chats and exchanges have proved fruitful for me. I love sharing with online people and the virtual world. Internet has become my 2nd Home.

                        • "Mobile is the new Brain and Internet is the new food":- The way I use internet services and Mobile, it's extremely correct if I say that "Mobile is my new Brain and Internet is the food for my Brain". To keep going I have to use internet and to use internet whenever required, what can be an ideal choice than Mobile Phones? Mobile phone and the fun, using internet on it is increasing by leaps and bounds. One can not ignore it and if I have ignored or missed any utility feature of internet on Mobile, feel free to Comment if I am missing out on anything........

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