This Letter from Google India

It is a matter of last week. A friend of mine called me up and asked me whether I am free or not so that he could come to my home and use my internet and check the latest Wi-Fi device which I had bought the same week. As I was free and not having any classes that evening so I agreed and called him up.
                                He came after an hour or so at around 12.30pm. I was waiting for him and sitting and doing some search stuffs on Google. As soon as he entered into my room and reached upto my desk. He saw a letter lying on my Desk infront of my Personal Computer. The letter was torn envelope indicates that it is a book post from Google.

Letter from google india
Letter from Google
                                My friend looked at me. I looked at him. I didn’t know why he was looking at me. He asked me in curiosity “Kya be sala, Tujhe Google se letter aaya hai?”. I was in a state of shock that what is the matter of shock in getting a letter from Google. It is now a days a normal routine for me that once in a year I will get a book post from Google India about their product- such as AdWords or Adsense.
                               I  instantly replied to my friend- “Isme nayi baat kya hai, mera khud ka Google ka Email ID bhi hai!” and I started giigling from inside. My friend looked at my face with an astonished look for the next few moments and the shouted loudly saying "Abey, Google ka Email ID to mera bhi hai!" After his such late and louder reaction I started laughing more loudly and started calling him 'Tubelight', as his response time taken was like old choked Tubelights.
                                His curiosity still did not end. He kept asking me about that 'Letter from Google'. He was so curious to know about its secret that he might would have welcomed to become my disciple. Later, cooling down his curiosity with a glass of water and some sweets I told him the reason. I told him that I am a user of Google and most of its products, for example- from Adwords, Blogger, Android, Chrome, Analytics, Web Master Tools, etc.
                               And like him someday I was also shocked and astonished while I returned for home from some tution classes or some sort of work and found that I have received a "Letter from Google". I was in a sheer shock and excitement as to what is in the letter. When I opened it and found that the letter has some coupons for using a new Google Product-AdWords, My Sheer joy and excitement broke on the same moment when firstime, I saw it was a coupon inside. The same happened with my friend who expected a Job Letter inside the "Letter from Google" for me.