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Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-2

Hello my dear readers, I was overwhelmed with the response that I got for my last Blog Post on Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-1. If some of you have missed it, Click on the red colored sentence or word to read the 1st part of the series Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users.
                 Now,I am going to present you with the 2nd part of it. Its not like that the 1st part only contained top following Twitter handles or Best Tweeters or anything. I have mixed them in different parts of this series. Its you who have to decide to follow whom or to follow not.
                  To visit any of the Twitter Handle, just click on it and you will be redirected to Twitter without leaving the Blog. Or you can follow them all by following this Twitter List,which I have created for all Indian Twitter users.. 

Funny Indian Twitter users funny handles and usernames
Pic Courtesy-Internet

(Updated 2015)
 Funny Twitter Handle                      Name
  1. @Trendulkar                                Trendulkar
  2. @Mindd_it                                  Rob!nhood
  3. @teraKaminaDost                       Tera Kamina Dost !!!
  4. @Choti_Daku                               Pink Boot Girl
  5. @DedhShaani                                     R
  6. @JokesDostiEtc                            Riya
  7. @MaidumJi                                  Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. @ScrewDrivr                                            X
  9. @iVitamin_C                                Ms.Lemo'N'ade
  10. @Gulabo_                                   Aarti Ghai
  11. @laalfirangi                                 Sahil
  12. @Suppandi                                  Suppandi
  13. @ChhotaRecharge                    Mrs. Chulbul Pandey
  14. @faltoo                                       Pratyush Mittal
  15. @crazy_jugni                                Annie Gupta
  16. @TharkeeChokri                       Dipty Gurjar
  17. @Sai_ki_bitiya                                 SKB
  18. @HoshiyaarChaddi                   Manju Modiyani
  19. @TheMantalBwoy                      Harsh Mehta
  20. @chillygobi                              Chilly Gobi ki Sabji
  21. @GodSaveIndia                        God Save India
  22. @me_indian                                Aam Admi
  23. @bhalomanush                              Keltu
  24. @tantanoo                                 Santanu
  25. @diogeneb                                 Diogeneb
  26. @NaturesDoodle                    *ting ting tiding*
  27. @TheBigBhookad                   Adarsh Munjal
  28. @FlirtingKaapi                       Sneha
  29. @SimplySilly_                     Akshita
  30. @Ghanta_Engineer            Ghanta Engineer
  31. @funjabi_gabru                  Varun K. Mehta
  32. @BakchodiBaba                  Soumya Asthana
  33. @Prankoholic                           Priyanka
  34. @masakali_                         Dilli Wali Masakali
  35. @MainBhiEngineer              EngiNerd
Note:-  Twitter is a funny place, just take it funnily

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