Official Symbian Twitter Application

Today, Twitter launched new versions of Twitter applications with easy and faster user interface for Android and iOS. But as a user of Symbian60 phone Nokia E52, I feel deprived from this kind of little happiness that I get while tweeting. So thought to speak out that "This is not Happening". This is my mail to twitter about my concern of not having any official Twitter Application for Symbian mobile Operating System. Let's see what will happen.
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Dear Twitter and mobile support,
             I am a huge fan of twitter and always stay connected with it.I use both the web and the mobile version,whenever I can access any of these.But,today I am left behind.There are official applications from twitter for Android or iOS,but in this quest,the users of Symbian60 OS are left aloof.Today,you guys released a new version of Twitter application available for android and iOS under your campaign #LetsFly,with great user interface and easy navigation.But,have you thought that there is not a single Official Application for Twitter on the Symbian60 OS,which was at one time,the best smartphone OS and still is being used by millions.
              Though,In this market of competition,Symbian lost its shine,but it does not mean that those users of Symbian60 OS should be left behind in the long run by your company.I hope you can understand my concern for not being able to use your enriched service on my mobile phone.If I am feeling like this,then their are other Symbian users too who are thinking like me,but never dared to voice out their concern.I am speaking out and will be desperately waiting for an official Twitter application for Symbian users.
Thanking You@JanakYadav

Update- In response to my email above, here's what Twitter had to say. 

       Though it didn't made me happy at that time. But soon within an year, just few years before the sad end of Symbian OS, Twitter native apps started coming preloaded on Symbian series 40 operating system powered feature phones made by Nokia under Asha series. And I feel happy using Twitter on feature phones these days on my Nokia 215. Thank you #Twitter for listening to users of a developing market like India.