Friends Birthday Treat - The 3 Idiots

eating pizza at domino's liluah inox howrah for birthday party with friends

Me and Nishant enjoying Pradeep's Birthday treat-Kaminey Dost..LOL
Pizza time-  Birthday Treat at RD Mall Liluah
Spicy Chicken Pizza-The B'day Treat


I am going to share this really funny and Pranky incident that happened with my friend Pradeep Chowdhury,who is one of my best classmate since and during my Higher Secondary Schooling.His Birthday went on 20th November and we all wished him on his Facebook Profile.And as usual, all friends demanded for Birthday party.But he was hesitant about it
         But,suddenly one day I met with him while I was going back to home.He was with another friend Nishant Ojha and was going to Nishant's home which is just a matter of few minutes from my home.Finally,caught him and asked for the party or a small treat.Nishant also took my side and asked for the treat(That's called Friendship and tang khichna).But,still he was hesitating to give us a treat as Nishant's Birthday also went on 18th November and his birthday treat is still pending.So,First treat should be from Nishant's side.
              But,we finally changed up his mind and we were offered a party at The DOMINO'S Pizza at Liluah Inox. Now,how could we stop on that.We rushed to Domino's, ordered a Spicy Chicken Pizza and rest the pictures will describe.

Pradeep-the B'day boy,tensed and waiting for my B'day to come.So that he can demand  my B'day Treat soon.
         On that day,I understood,that "Party denewale se jyada party lene waley khush hote hain". And this difference can be seen on birthday boy's face and my and Nishant's face,who were enjoying pulling his legs and pranking with him for this treat and he was somewhere thinking in his mind that "Kamino,Tumhara bhi Birthday aaega,Tab to main treat le kar he rahunga.Khao,Khao,jitna Khana hai..."
        Overall,it was a nice treat and we,three friends,enjoyed it fully,that is why I thought to share this incident with you all.There is a saying among friends that "Jo dost kamina nahi hota,wo kamina dost nahi hota,Kyu ke har ek friend jaruri hota hai" Am I right????