If my hobby is to collect SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Cards, what's so weird in it?

I have adopted a hobby of collecting SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) Cards since I was in class 10 during mid 2005. In 2005 I purchased my first mobile. Watching to receive calls and SMS with the help of a chip based plastic object excited me about this technology and this stuff called SIM Card. As the time passed the interest in this plastic object turned up into a hobby. It does not matter to me whether it was collected when it was in working condition or not. The thing that matters is that I want to collect and keep them safely with me. It gives me a sort of happiness when I watch them after taking it out from my collection box. They are of uneven colors with different company logos. I have SIM Cards from different telecom service providers of India. Some of them are rare as those companies either stopped there service or were acquired by another company such as Spice, Command, Hutch.Till now I only had an international SIM Card of Hutch from Thailand, given to me by my Brother-In-Law(Jija Ji) but unfortunately can not find it in my SIM Card collection box anymore.
Name written by using old and damaged SIM cards of Mobiles and Smartphones
A small collection of SIM cards to name a few more JANAK out there.
                  Good news is that the prices of SIM cards are getting cheaper in India. So nobody finds this as a hobby and laughs at me but I never mind, because collecting SIM cards would make me feel happy not them. All SIM cards are not used my me personally but some are mine while some are of my friends and the people connected to me. As most of them know my hobby, they handover me there blocked or used SIM cards by their own. Whenever I open the SIM card collection box I love to do some weird stuffs with these non-working collected SIM cards to kill my lonelliness. For example- like writing names of people related to me,my friends,drawing sculptures,etc using those collected SIM cards. What's your Hobby??