Durga Puja-The Great Indo-bong Festival

bengali durga puja by zamindars
Durga Idol worshipped by Zamindar Family through years
It's Durga Puja...The well known biggest festive season in West Bengal.,now a days,Paschimbanga. This year too it was wonderful. It was delightful and different from past years Durga Puja.I went along my friends and checked out some unique puja mandap themes and idols in different style and shape. We hovered all around Kolkata and Howrah. It was not like old days,when I used to go with Papa and Maa,holding their fingers, though I missed those days this festival season. I can remember that I used to be a naughty child and always in a hurry to release my hands and run here and there among the crowd and let them find me. I guess, I was always in a playful mood. But not this time,as I went with my friends on bike and hovered the whole city gazing at pandals, idols and people wearing different types of clothes,from different places,with different nature,different style,but having a common spirit to enjoy Durga Puja.              The best part of Durga Puja is that people come from all over the world to experience this festive season.Durga Puja is mere begining,as after this West Bengal will experience Lakkhi Puja, Deepawali, Jagdhatri Puja and the final destination will be Chath Puja. I will definately blog about all these festivals and my experiences about them,stick to my blog for the latest ones.

durga puja 2011 howrah at kona bazar
At Kona,Howrah

kolkata bengali durga puja pandal mandap 2011 in howrah
Temple Themed Pandal

durgapuja kolkata 2011 godess durga hindu deity maa durga lakshmi saraswati kartik ganesh
Durga puja mandap in howrah during pujo 2011
Standard looking Durga Idol with Ganesha, Saraswati,Lakhsmi and Kartik

goddess durga idol at durga puja in kolkata esplanade hog market
Durga Murti, outside KMC, Hog Market, Esplanade, Kolkata
Shiny durga puja idols murti kolkata
Golden Shine on Durga Idols

Muddy idols of kolkata durga pujo in west bengal
Muddy look Idols
recreating lotus temple as durga puja pandal in dankuni howrah mandap
Lotus Temple themed Durga Puja Pandal near Dankuni Station, 2011
Shivalinga themed Durga Puja Pandal at Golabari, Howrah
Shivlinga themed Puja Pandal
Green colored durga murti in pujo kolkata howrah 2011 year
Green Durga-My Favorite