That Road trip to Raja Rajeshwari Mandir at Konnagar in Howrah.

This isn't my first visit to Maa Raja Rajeshwari temple of Konnagar in Howrah district, though I am blogging it now. Earlier too, I went there with friends via a short road trip on bike. But, this time it was a different and a totally different experience altogether with family. A car was booked and we reached there at 5pm.
Inside Temple premises verandah at Raja Rajeshwari Mandir Konnagar Howrah West Bengal
Enterance of Maa Rajeshwari Temple
Ganges ghat at Mahadev Mandir nearby Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Konnagar, West Bengal
Ganges Ghat at Konnagar
               After puja in the temple, crossed the G.T. Road and sat on the ghats of  the River Ganges just in-front of the "(7) Saat Mahadev Mandir".  It was an awesome idea to spare time sitting on the ghat, eating 'Alu Kabli,Chaat followed by masala cold drink while watching the sun setting and the sun light becoming dim. It felt like the voltage of the Sun is reducing slowly and gradually by itself.
                  As a consequence, the birds are returning back to their nests for which the sound of their chirping coming out from trees increases rapidly. The baby crabs were also able to find their place among the hollows between the bricks of the ghat. Teenagers, Married couples, parents with their children and older peoples are coming on the ghat to enjoy this mesmerizing scenario of sunset.
Baby Crabs on river ganga shores howrah side
Baby Crabs getting back to their hollow homes

              I felt a bit jealous with the residents as they are lucky to have their home nearby to the temple and the ghat. They can spend their leisure time either coming to the ghat or sitting silently among the divine silence of the temple for hours and hours whenever they want.


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