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Rakshabandhan 2011-The day of Brothers and Sisters

August 15, 2011
I am the one and only son of my parents. Being born and brought up single, I always desired for a brother or sister as I knew it was not in my destiny. Being a single son or daughter is not an easy task. It feels most when u need someone to fight and play with during your childhood, share your feelings and to gain knowledge cum experience in teenage or to share or transfer your burden of tasks of home with them when you are busy with your other works. It also feels most when it comes to family occasions such as family gatherings or specially Rakshabandhan.

my wrist with rakhi in raksha bandhan day of brothers and sisters
My hand tied with Sister's Love-Rakhi

 Some folks even tried to tease me by saying that I wouldn't be able to understand the importance of brother specially sister on Rakshabandhan since I don't have any. But it is only me who knows the TRUE importance of it. I feel I to be a lucky one as none of the Rakshabandhan went without Rakhi being tied to my hands. I also feel privileged as well as honored to have someone to tie Rakhi on my hands, sometimes the counting may even go upto 20 number of Rakhi on my right hand. Because of this social occasion I feel like a complete family person.  

                 Its not like that I did not get a chance to pull someones hairs and to be bullish upon when I was a kid.Yes, I too often used to play being bullish to pull or irritate my cousin sisters in village, but that too had a limit. Because of this loneliness in childhood, I still feel like an introvert or insecure sometimes and thus feels uneasy to express my feelings easily with anyone. I pray to the almighty to fulfill everyone's wish to have a brother or sister of their own to share their childhood and show up love and support throughout their lives.