Human Eyes versus Man Made Camera

Illusionary photo captured of a tree bark which replicates like snake head
Bark of a tree which looks like Snake's head
This picture was taken in July 2011 on a sunny Sunday morning. As Bamungachi Kishore Sangha Club was being cleaned, we were waiting outside the club sharing funny moments to each others. Suddenly, someone noticed this stuff which already popped out from the tree's bottom part of the stem just above the roots. It was clearly visible due to good color contrast with the stem of the tree and its background. Firstly, we assumed it to be a water snake (preferably because it was yellow) as its rainy season and the surrounding area is full of unattended grasses and tress. As we were curious to see it moving, we tried to touch it via a stick lying nearby on the ground. But it neither moved nor did it shake its head inside the tree. Curiously we tried to do that again, this time too it remain just unattended. Further moving closure for a clear view, one of my friend found this to be neither a snake nor any other reptile. It's just a part of the tree, may be a bark which occupied its own color & shape. We were astonished and started laughing after touching it, to believe its not alive. Then without wasting time, I took this photo from a mobile. Later after few of the friend broke this part/bark of the tree as it was grabbing everybody's attention....and left us wondering about "Human Eye versus Camera" stories.