Hello BlogOsphere, Welcome to my Personal Multilingual Blog

This might be the first public blog of mine, but in future I would like to continue blogging to such an extent that it eliminates the applicability and dependency on Facebook and Twitter accounts to voice out my concerns and thoughts to a much more larger audience. An audience or most preferably readers, who do not just belong to my family, friends or state but are from all regions of this world. Readers who also feel free to listen to my virtual voice topped with their nice observations on me in conversation mode/mood.

What A Life is now Straight From Janak by Janak Yadav dotcom
A snapshot of my Blog- Straight from Janak from November 2011 archive, when it was titled 'What A Life'.

                      The idea to start blogging came from maintaining personal diary or journals. Earlier I used to write down the hot and happening issues of my life on that very day into my personal diary which also served to me as a secret friend. But I often felt demotivated to write down in paper diaries due to my attraction towards emerging social networking services on internet. Thus I opted for its digital version earlier called ''Weblog" but now renowned as 'Blog'. Before publishing this blog-post, I remember about writing a one paged blog sometime back just to slake the curiosity on how it works, looks or feels like or what is there for me to learn or loose while writing. One can say, as a newbie, I was eager to learn more about blogging because that experience was amazing, I loved reading blogs/thoughts of other people to understand how to and what to write for my upcoming article.

Tea with diary writing digital journal

             I am impatiently a funny person and this nature lands me into serious situations just in a matter of seconds. I am a shy brat too, introvert types, pretty down-to-earth who feels uneasy to express feelings or emotions correctly by mixing up words, kind of a shy extrovert. People always misunderstood for my words. They took my jokes more seriously that often led to an atmosphere of war or silence in relationship. I guess this sort of problem is not with everybody.
               Just imagine, you are trying to make someone laugh and suddenly that guy breaks out crying instead of laughing. You suddenly have to stop yourself from laughing and move on to start thinking that why this guy started crying. You have to make him or her silent while trying to understand which of your words caused the damage.

               Thus, I joined in to play with more & more words until and unless I become fluent in dealing with words efficiently.
Instead of calling it a blog or website, It’s my OFFICE OF WORDS.