Waiting for that Friend who was caught without helmet and fined at Howrah Bridge

Ha..Ha..Ha... What a start of the day of 15th August 2011. It was midnight and we were on our way to the temple crossing Howrah Bridge with 3 bikes in a row. Suddenly we saw that the traffic police were stopping and asking each vehicle rider for something like papers or paper weight aka green patti. As it was independence day for which security measures were tightened on the Howrah Bridge.
Selfie on Howrah Bridge

                    I was sitting on the backseat while one of my friend was riding. We surpassed the traffic police as they did not stop us for checking anything, 2nd bike crossed them too but the 3rd bike did not. The friend who was driving the third one did not bothered about the consequences and stopped just behind a taxi. The Taxi was halted for usual checking on I-Day but getting the opportunity they caught him too as he was without helmet.
                     Being without helmet is a crime but it's alright when you are on your way to bhoothnath temple in the month of August for worship as many people go there from Howrah during these auspicious days. But since it was a also high alert day thus the checking was toughened. He was fined for some 700 bucks but not by the officer but by the constable who was eager to fine him, don't know why?

                     The Officer even asked to let him go as he was going to temple but the constable din't change his mind and asked him to visit with the money to take the insurance papers of the bike back. While returning on our way to home from temple we halted on the Howrah Bridge as some of the friends went to talk to the officers. Ohh..what a splendid moment it was waiting on the bridge and getting cool breeze of the Ganges. Irrespective of the tensions my friends were going through I was busy having a photo session on the Howrah Bridge waiting for an outcome.
Friends taking my photos while we halted on howrah bridge

                     Later the constable made up his mind to take 400bucks. Unfortunately, no body brought wallet or card as no one expected this situation to happen. As we din't have that much cash with us, he has to go back home and bring the money. We kept waiting there for an hour, he came, he gave the money to another friend as he was feeling uneasy to handover it directly to them, that guy went to pass on the money to the police constable and take back the papers from him.
Friends taking Janak Kumar Yadav photos while we halted on howrah bridge

That guy moved towards him, initially he handed over only 390bucks to the constable who was expecting someone's hard earned money to dive easily into his pockets. He stood there waiting silently for him to count and react on that. Suddenly the constable yelled with desperation-"Aar 10 taka de...Yaarki hochche?"(Give me 10 more bucks, don't joke on that)..... And we all started laughing and kept laughing on this Rs.10 joke till we arrived back at home. This incident helped my friend to overcome the incident of being fined for no helmet as it makes us laugh every time we come to remember this sudden encounter.