Coincidence - My Birthday on Last Somwar of Sawan & Temple Visit to Bhootnath Shiv Mandir in Kolkata

In the evening of Sunday, 7th August today, it popped out like a usual reminder to get ready to visit Hindu deity Lord Shiva's Bhootnath Temple of Kolkata before the night churns into Monday. Monday being the auspicious day to pray and perform rituals to the almighty god of destruction in Hindu mythology. Coincidently, it is my birthday tomorrow on Monday the 8th August 2011, which is also the last Monday of Sawan. Sawan or Shravan is the Hindi name of the sacred month to worship supreme Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Sawan preferably falls on August of every year symbolizing the arrival of the monsoon in India. But this divine coincidence is like a privilege to start my birthday with the auspicious note of worshipping Lord Shiva at first.

Temple Visit by a Hindu man. Bowing down in front of the Almighty - Source - Pexels

As it is 'Sawan ka Somwar' (Monday of Savan) & that too last Monday of Shravan month, the temple area will be flooded with devotees with long queues, touching the Howrah Bridge on Posta area of Kolkata is a normal visual. Just imagine the scenic beauty of many Shiv bhakt standing in the queue holding garlands, cans of milk, cans of sacred water from the Ganges, sugarcane juice or a bottle of rose water, all topped with hemp to offer to Lord Shiv's Lingam. And the time taken in this queue is unpredictable at some times.

According to our schedule, we friends will head towards Bhootnath Shiv Mandir near Ahiritola Ferry Ghat on the bank of river Ganges, Kolkata side, after bathing and wearing fresh clothes at around 11 pm on Sunday night. We will reach in an hour and it will be Monday & my day of birthday by then.

Balloon in blue sky
Birthday Baloons in Blue Sky - Source - Pexels

Since it was raining continuously from yesterday to afternoon today, areas around Howrah, Salkia & Liluah were flooded by rainwater. But we were determined not to miss this last Monday of savan to complete visiting all four Mondays this season.  
It's time to engulf into this divine experience of worshipping Lord Shiva while chanting "HAR HAR MAHADEV".

My Birthday celebration will be on full-throttle throughout the day tomorrow but as it an auspicious day for me, it's always like a privilege to start such an auspicious day for me with the blessings of the supreme God and my parents.