Divine Coincidence - My Birthday and Last Monday of Savan on the same day

As it is evening of Sunday the 7th today, it pops out like a usual reminder to get ready for visiting Baba Bhootnath Temple in Posta area of Kolkata as the night churns into Monday. I, along with all other friends will head towards Kolkata after 11 pm so that we can get into the queue towards the Lord Shiva temple and finish the rituals of offering either of garland, milk, water from the Ganges, Sugarcane juice along with harewell topped above them all. Due to the rush of devotees it may take time, I predict it to be morning 6 am to return back home. On the contrary, it is my Birthday tomorrow on Monday the 8th August 2011, which is also the last Monday of Saawan(Savan is the sacred month to worship supreme Hindu deity Lord Shiva, which preferably falls on August of every year symbolising arrival of the monsoon in India). 

Janak Kumar Yadav on his birthday, last monday in sacred savan mahina in 2011
Birthday Pic- 2011
                       It was raining today since midnight which halted at around afternoon, thus areas of Howrah, specially Liluah & Salkia are flooded by rain water. We friends can not compromise on the last Monday of Saawan as we din't ignore previous 3 Mondays in this month, with a special mention that it was my exam in Burdwan University this month. Times up to get a bath and wear fresh new clothes as well as ride towards Club, from where we all friends will go to get ourselves fall into this divine experience of worshipping Lord Shiva and chanting "BOL BAM....TARAK BAM". My Birthday celebration will be on full-throttle throughout the day but as it an auspicious day for me, it's like a privilege to start such great day by visiting Shiva mandir. I don't know what surprise is packed for my Birthday tomorrow, as it comes once in a year and is a memorable day for my parents. But I least bother about it and wish my parents too, since they are also worshipper of the Almighty God-Lord Shiva... I Love you Maa, I Love you Dad. <3
Lord Shiva idol offering colorful balloons to kids, Howrah, Kolkata
It was a wish come true as if Lord Shiva gifted me colorful balloons to decorate my room this birthday.

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