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That visit to Sri Raj Rajeshwari Temple in Konnagar from Howrah–A short road trip

Though this is not my first visit to Maa Sri Raj Rajeshwari Tripur Sundari Temple in Konnagar which falls under Konnagar Municpality in Hooghly district, adjacent to Howrah district, West Bengal. I can remember that last time I visited this temple with friends and that was a short road trip on motorcycle.

But, this time this road trip was altogether a family affair. A car was booked and we reached there at 5 pm.

  After puja in the temple, crossed the G.T. Road and sat on the ghats of  the River Ganges just in-front of the "(7) Saat Mahadev Mandir".  It was an awesome idea to spare time sitting on the ghat, eating 'Alu Kabli,Chaat followed by masala cold drink while watching the sun setting and the sun light becoming dim. It felt like the voltage of the Sun is reducing slowly and gradually by itself.
                   As a consequence, the birds are returning back to their nests for which the sound of their chirping coming out from trees increases rapidly. The baby crab…

Waiting for that Friend who was caught without helmet and fined at Howrah Bridge

Ha..Ha..Ha... What a start of the day of 15th August 2011. It was midnight and we were on our way to the temple crossing Howrah Bridge with 3 bikes in a row. Suddenly we saw that the traffic police were stopping and asking each vehicle rider for something like papers or paper weight aka green patti. As it was independence day for which security measures were tightened on the Howrah Bridge.

I was sitting on the backseat while one of my friend was riding. We surpassed the traffic police as they did not stop us for checking anything, 2nd bike crossed them too but the 3rd bike did not. The friend who was driving the third one did not bothered about the consequences and stopped just behind a taxi. The Taxi was halted for usual checking on I-Day but getting the opportunity they caught him too as he was without helmet.
Being without helmet is a crime but it's alright when you are on your way to bhoothnath temple in the month of August for worship as many people go there from Howrah during …

Rakshabandhan 2011-The day of Brothers and Sisters

I am the one and only son of my parents. Being born and brought up single, I always desired for a brother or sister as I knew it was not in my destiny. Being a single son or daughter is not an easy task. It feels most when u need someone to fight and play with during your childhood, share your feelings and to gain knowledge cum experience in teenage or to share or transfer your burden of tasks of home with them when you are busy with your other works. It also feels most when it comes to family occasions such as family gatherings or specially Rakshabandhan.

Its not like that I did not get a chance to pull someones hairs and to be bullish upon when I was a kid.Yes, I too often used to play being bullish to pull or irritate my cousin sisters in village, but that too had a limit. Because of this loneliness in childhood, I still feel like an introvert or insecure sometimes and thus feels uneasy to express my feelings easily with anyone. I pray to the almighty to fulfill everyone's wish…

Witnessing Aarti and Shringar at Kolkata's famous Baba Bhootnath Mandir

The sacred month of Savan in 2011 ended on Saturday, 13th August. As I told you earlier, I poured water in Baba bhootnath Mandir at Posta, Kolkata on all the 4 mondays of this month. Though I had my exams or morning classes during this period but I did not miss any of the Mondays.
                We go there riding a bike on Sunday nights after 11pm, used to reach there at 1pm or so, and destined to come back home till morning 5am. There was no chance to get adequate sleep and proper rest for the body on that day. But none cares about these stuffs during these religiously sacred days as I never felt tired after returning back to home from the temple. It seems like the Lord Shiva is attracting you towards himself. It's real fun to go there in a group, stand in a queue for hours and hours, enjoy waiting for the right moment to come when you will rush to enter the temple gates.

We thought to revisit the temple consequently on the 5th Monday too as it was just a day of g…

Human Eyes versus Man Made Camera

This picture was taken in July 2011 on a sunny Sunday morning. As Bamungachi Kishore Sangha Club was being cleaned, we were waiting outside the club sharing funny moments to each others. Suddenly, someone noticed this stuff which already popped out from the tree's bottom part of the stem just above the roots. It was clearly visible due to good color contrast with the stem of the tree and its background. Firstly, we assumed it to be a water snake (preferably because it was yellow) as its rainy season and the surrounding area is full of unattended grasses and tress. As we were curious to see it moving, we tried to touch it via a stick lying nearby on the ground. But it neither moved nor did it shake its head inside the tree. Curiously we tried to do that again, this time too it remain just unattended. Further moving closure for a clear view, one of my friend found this to be neither a snake nor any other reptile. It's just a part of the tree, may be a bark which occupied its own…

Coincidence - My Birthday on Last Somwar of Sawan & Temple Visit to Bhootnath Shiv Mandir in Kolkata

In the evening of Sunday, 7th August today, it popped out like a usual reminder to get ready to visit Hindu deity Lord Shiva's Bhootnath Temple of Kolkata before the night churns into Monday. Monday being the auspicious day to pray and perform rituals to the almighty god of destruction in Hindu mythology. Coincidently, it is my birthday tomorrow on Monday the 8th August 2011, which is also the last Monday of Sawan. Sawan or Shravan is the Hindi name of the sacred month to worship supreme Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Sawan preferably falls on August of every year symbolizing the arrival of the monsoon in India. But this divine coincidence is like a privilege to start my birthday with the auspicious note of worshipping Lord Shiva at first.

As it is 'Sawan ka Somwar' (Monday of Savan) & that too last Monday of Shravan month, the temple area will be flooded with devotees with long queues, touching the Howrah Bridge on Posta area of Kolkata is a normal visual. Just imagine the sc…

Hello BlogOsphere, Welcome to my Personal Multilingual Blog

This might be the first public blog of mine, but in future I would like to continue blogging to such an extent that it eliminates the applicability and dependency on Facebook and Twitter accounts to voice out my concerns and thoughts to a much more larger audience. An audience or most preferably readers, who do not just belong to my family, friends or state but are from all regions of this world. Readers who also feel free to listen to my virtual voice topped with their nice observations on me in conversation mode/mood.

The idea to start blogging came from maintaining personal diary or journals. Earlier I used to write down the hot and happening issues of my life on that very day into my personal diary which also served to me as a secret friend. But I often felt demotivated to write down in paper diaries due to my attraction towards emerging social networking services on internet. Thus I opted for its digital version earlier called ''Weblog" but now renowned as 'Blog&#…