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My first BLOG and JOB started just casually

Officially this is my first blog and I am seriously about taking the control over it. But sometimes it creeps into my mind that When did I first started my blogging? Well the answer is not far away. It is a matter of few years back. It was 2008 and I was not aware of any thing called Blogging. The only things at that time I was aware of was Orkut Scraps and IMs.
                          Totally unaware of what blogging is I wrote my first blog post to my readers aka my virtual friends informing them about my recruitment in a reputed BPO in Kolkata in 2008. Yes, it was neither Blogger nor Wordpress or any-other blogging platform. It was on and they have just started this new feature in their social networking site and that was Blogging. There were some insights and FAQs about blogging,what and how to do, mentioned on their site. But, still was not clear for me.
                         I was in 2nd Year of college life. I liked maintaining diaries and noting down special moments of my life in a diary. I write these special moments so that I can not forget them anyday sooner or later and keep the memoir with me.
                             I guess, this thinking inspired me and led me to start blogging & rest the snapshot of My Life's 1st Blogpost ever on web will describe you how the craze to Blogging started.

                         So, this was it. Yes, there were small spelling mistakes in that post with lots of Non-Blogger ethics. But the reason I am still mentioning it down here on is to keep this memoir alive with me, always, till the time I blog.
                   Whats your first blog or first Job story???
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