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How I use Mobile Internet as a Blogger

Samsung Galaxy Ace Indian Version-My first android smartphone
Being a blogger is like always being online on Internet and doing stuffs related to your blog because if you don't care for your blog, you readers won't care for you. Most young people I know are accessing the Internet from their mobile phones. Mobile Internet use is probably going to out weight PC internet use in the next few years from now on (if it hasn't already). Many Bloggers use their mobiles or so called Smart phones to blog straight to the Internet. The future of mobile is very promising and so is the future of Internet on mobile.
                            Personally speaking, I use Internet on my mobile for managing my stuffs related to my blog. It's worth being a Blogger. Since mobile is a handy gadget that you can have it always with you, carry it wherever you go, unless like a Tablet or Laptop. Thus, I keep using it as much as I can for my purpose and needs as a Blogger.
  • Gathering Ideas with Evernote-

    Every blogger has to build up ideas to keep writing new article for his/her blog and keep the readers engaged with it.
But, the average number of thoughts that Humans are believed to experience each day is 70,000
It is surely not possible with me to remember all thoughts and ideas and later bring out the best one for blogging. Thus, I note down each and every idea which arrives in my mind then and there in Evernote App on my phone tagging it with "Blogging ideas & Titles". So that I can find it easily among all  notes when In search Evernote App for it.
  • Converting Blog Ideas into Blogposts-

    So, since I have a collection of thoughts and Ideas on my next blogposts, the next thing which I need to do is converting them into Blogposts. Thanks to this Blogger App for Android which lets me write down my blog whilst I am free or am going to sleep at night. I keep writing, editing my posts from this app only as going and sitting infront of PC makes me shiver due to my laziness.
  • Promoting my Blog-

    The important thing to do when you start a blog is to promote your blog and yet many people fail in doing that. A good blog promotion stratergy means to spend 80% time in promotion and 20% time in quality content creation. Well, you can not promote your blog fully from Mobile but you can atleast do a part of it. I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other heavenly apps for promoting my Website and Photoblog.

More interactions via mobile means more mobile you are
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  • Interacting with my readers-

    Yes, I use the help of my mobile and Internet pack to interact and be connected with my readers. Apart from replying to  their mails or comments, I feel elated when I interact with my readers or fellow bloggers through Social Networking or forums using any app or mobile browser. I also like to share articles or blogs which I like, so I use Tweet extension on my Dolphin  HD mobile browser to share it with others and keeping them engaged.
  • Reading others Blog- Yes, reading is good habit and it also makes you enlightened. Gives you new blog ideas or keeps you engaged with other fellow bloggers thoughts. Since, I just love being connected with more people, I love reading blogs and interesting articles. For this purpose, I don't have to search internet. I use Feedly App on my phone. I know what I like, so I have already subscribed them in Google Reader and whenever any new article is published I get to know it from my mobile. If while reading, I could not complete reading the full article but that article is interesting, I add that link to Pocket (Formerly Read It Later). So that I can not forget to read that article as Pocket App on my phone has bookmarked and synced the URL to let me read it offline.
  • Building backlinks- Backlinks are nothing but a great source of visitors for your blog. You just have to keep reading articles or blogs and comment relevantly with your thought or insight on that article. Only relevant comment without destroying the etiquette of commenting system brings you more visitors. Preferably I use OpenId for commenting on other blogs.
       My name is Janak and I am not a Spam commentor
  • Network with fellow bloggers on forums- This is one of the great way to generate backlinks and traffic but it does requires some effort. You can join successful forums in your niche and start interacting with fellow members. Most of the forums allow adding a link to your blog in personal signatures of members which can generate good amount of backlinks to your blogs.
  •  Managing my Time- Apart from watching the time on my Mobile phone I use it to manage my time too. The availability of Internet on Mobile phone surely changed my life. I schedule my posts for being published on the scheduled time. Thus by this way, I don't clot my blog with several entries a day.
  • Checking Visitors stats- I have an app installed on my phone which is connected with my Google Analytics & Webmaster tools account, which gives a real time view of my blog visitors on my mobile. Thus, by getting Google Analytics data on my Mobile Phone, I plan out my next step for generating Blog readers.
  • For entertainment- Since the time when the concept of Smartphones came into existence, Mobile Phones are now also a medium of entertainment. Whenever I feel tired and needs some rest for my brain, I open up Saavn App on my phone, and start playing my favorite playlist already created by me on the app. Thus, I get various options to stream great audio songs via internet on my mobile, depending on my mood, without clotting my Mobile phones external memory card. Last but not the least, Youtube is the preferred media for wathcing video songs, funny stand comedy to relieve stress or enjoy a memorable Cricket match which you enjoyed with your friends & family.
  • Reading books and Newspapers online- Yes, reading books online is quiet easy. I am glad that I even find some old comics of Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga and other characters of Raj Comics on There are several online newspapers as per the niche of the editor, even I also run an online newspaper as my niche and knowledge. It just took an initial effort on the first day of publishing  and now the newspaper generates contents itself from the persons I am associated with my Social Networking accounts. You can Click here to view my self publsihing Online Newspaper.

How mobile internet made my love life a happier one

Whether you met your lover (Girlfriend or Boyfriend) face to face or on internet for the first time. Whether your Love life is real life stage or a virtual one, one common thing that you have to do in both these cases is to take care of the needs of your lover. But, if by chance you miss any such opportunity or so called demand of your girlfriend, you are in a mess. No matter how much you love her, how much you do care for her, the only thing that would matter at that time would be that why did not you take care of what she expected. Well, these are the ups and down of love life. You fight when there is not a valid reason to fight. These small fights and nokjhoks can lead to dangerous situations leading to mental frustration and loss of creativity.
Managing life is easy but managing Girlfriend is just the opposite. Similarly, understanding life is easy but understanding wife is not that easy.
She has requests to be fulfilled, she has demands too. She wants to keep more and more contacts with you. And if you don't take care of these small things, then she proves back to you that you no longer love her. Yes, this is the common quality every Girlfriend posses. Girlfriends now a days are modern, advanced,more stubborn and yes more caring too. Then why won't one care for her.
                              I do whatever is required from my side to make this relationship a happier one. And, this small little computer has saved me several times from getting into a fuss with my lover. There was a time when I started getting aloof and isolated from my lover due to my pending work pressure and other stuffs.
                  Thanks to technology that I have got a smartphone, which is a dumb box filled with smart service of internet in it.
Now, whenever I get time I just go to Facebook and like her status updates and comment on some buttering words. It just makes her feels that I am Socially Networked with her giving her a more sense of faith. She is not used to with Twitter but she sometimes checks in to check out my last Tweets, just in case if I am not doing any mischief.
                            She just loves keeping track of me and my behavior, whenever I check in to a place on my Foursquare app she instantly would reply me asking- "Waha kya kar rahe ho?" (What am I doing there?). Girlfriends are a bit extra caring you know!
                           Since, meeting with her is not possible each day, so Facebook Chat helps me out as a "Kabootar" for exchanging words and thoughts with her like it used to happen in Mughal Period. . I just love getting connected with her whenever possible. But, if she finds out that I am replying her a bit late and answering another friend of mine on Facebook Chat or messenger, then I am of nowhere. I have to again Patau-out her. Convincing angry girlfriend is not easy but gifting her a bunch of flowers with Sorry card and chocolates cake is easy. I just have to hover into the website of that service provider from my mobile, place and order and get it directly delivered to her house.
                             I just love when she video calls me on my mobile and says "Tum pagal ho!" that too after receiving the gifts and flaunting the cake on video call. Though I know, I can't get a piece of that cake, but I am in peace because of that cake only.
                           The awkward moment arises when she demands suddenly to go for a movie or so. I instantly check availability of tickets online and book that corner seat for us using INOX app.
    Love is not about loving your lover, you have to love her friends too...
                         You have to check for some notes for their project from Wikipedia, or Google. Order pizza while having combined class with her at home. Or plan out a dinner at a new Restaurant on the other part of the town. I just need my mobile phone and internet ready to take on any challenges like finding a particular Restraunt, Shopping mall or hang-out places in Kolkata.
Whether it is checking PNR status if she is going with her parents to her village or Playing her requested song on Saavn app for android pretending to be the DJ. Downloading "Love or Heart" wallpapers and send her through bluetooth to make her blush. Playing comedy scenes from her favourite movie(mine too) on mobile, for sharing fun and laughter with her and ease off the pressure of studies.

Couple romancing resting on grass land- animation image

                             She prefers to walk down the lane when she is with me and we walk around here and there in several parts of Kolkata without knowing where are we heading, as Google Maps is there with us to get us to the right direction. Visiting Zoo & National Library along with other places and then too spending the days and hours just talking for free using mobile internet via Viber App on our phone. This communication will  not stop and neither will the use of mobile internet.
Always remember the mantra for successful love life is either a "Good Communication" or a "Dumb Girlfriend". Smile with tongue out

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A video tribute to Indian Mothers

Image Courtsey-Facebook

Mother's Day कुछ दिन पहले ही हर्षोल्लास से मनाया गया! वैसे है तो ये विदेशी रीति है,  लेकिन माँ के लिए जितना भी करो और जैसे भी करो वो कम ही होगा! 
इसीलिए माँ की अच्छाइयों को समझने-समझाने का कोशिस न करते हुए मैं आपके सामने पेश कर रहा हू कुछ ऐसे गीत जो कभी न कभी हमलोगों ने अपने माँ के लिए गाया होगा ! 
और अगर आपने ऐसे गीत कभी नहीं गाया है, तो आज आप जरुर गाएंगे, क्युकी माँ होती ही बहोत अच्छी है !

  • तू कितनी अच्छी है, तू कितनी भोली है

  • तुझे सब है पता, है न माँ?

  • माँ, मेरी माँ, प्यारी माँ, मम्मा !!

  • माँ

  • ओ माँ....मेरी माँ 

  • तेरी ऊँगली पकड़ कर चला 

  • माँ तुझे ढूँढू कहाँ? -मोहम्मद रफ़ी 

  • माँ- पंकज उधास (ग़ज़ल)

  • माँ - उजैर जसवाल 

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Listening to Online Radio on Mobile costed me more!

This is a real incident which happened during the last fall of 2010. Those days, I was a mixture of Bollywood Song lover and an Internet enthusiast. I was using Nokia E52 symbian 60 handset and the only medium to listen to latest hit songs on mobile, that I used excessively was an application for streaming Online Radio.
                   Being a spoiled brat, I used to recharge my mobile with high denominations.
I was using this Prepaid connection since 2004 but sometimes my prepaid balance seemed to be like a postpaid bill payment. In the early days of buying my 1st mobile phone, the highest that I used to recharge was Rs.3,300/- for 1 year. But, I sensibly used these Prepaid balances. And this time too, to avail full-talktime offer I recharged my number with Rs.2,800. I don't know whether this habit of mine is like a scrooge or well planned user that mostly I have taken more than 13 months to utilize these balances.
                   Since, I am highly connected with internet and its services and keep exploring new stuffs there, I used to recharge with some Rs.98 per month for 2GB access of internet on mobile. Sometimes I used to utilise the 2GB data plan in 30 days and sometimes not. But, whenever my mobile carrier seizes the leftover GPRS data after completion of 30 days, it feels me with sadness that last month I din't surf the web and left the Internet Pack underutilized.
                    Filled with thoughts of using the whole 2GB data in next 30 days, I again recharged my mobile with Internet Pack. Surfed the web on mobile and did loads of stuffs like Chatting on Facebook, streaming videos from Youtube, Downloading new MP3 songs and  latest Bollywood videos, Syncing contacts and photos, Searching through online radio channels and much more during this month.
                   On the verge of 28th day, I only had 200MB of GPRS data left. I was happy go lucky as I was successful in utilizing the fun of Internet the way I planned to do this month. The day ended, I was exhausted and tired. My mobile was beeping for 'Battery Low'. The cool breeze blowing across the window forced me to start yawning. As the sleep was engulfing me, I thought to play some Ghazal on my mobile. But suddenly mind changed to listen to latest hits through Online Radio.
Screenshot showing online radio on symbian smartphone

                   Then, I realised that GPRS balance is not enough to use this service as afterwards the Internet Package, the data charges will be deducted from my main balance. But, since the mobile was beeping for battery low, it gave me some courage to start Online Radio as the battery will empty up itself in next few minutes. Being trapped in between these thoughts of this fact that GPRS consumes more battery and 200MBs will be enough to stream music till the battery dies. I started streaming online radio channels on that application.
                    I could not remember when did I slept that night. But, I clearly remember that I woke up that morning with a fresh and energetic mind as the weather outside was pleasant. As usual, I woke up and picked up my mobile to check out the time. It was still playing song and the 'Battery low' message was beeping more often. I was shell shocked and instantly unlocked my phone to check out something unusual which I breathed in with that last breathe.
                    Yes, there was a balance deduction message which says
                         "Last call/sms charge 201.23 INR. Current Balance 1403.59 INR."
                     With a sigh of relief that no excess deduction happened apart from that 200 MB GPRS balance, I exited that message. Within a second, I came across another message which mistakeably I read with sleepy eyes was
                         "Last call/sms charge 0.01 INR. Current Balance 1403.59 INR."
                     Again a sigh of relief for me.Now, the tension is relieved and I got time to think that what the heck is the battery of this handset. A mere 1500 MAh battery din't die and keeps playing Online Radio since last 7 hours. Patting my shoulders for the descision of buying this handset for it's great battery life & functions, I thought to call on those missed calls which I got while I was sleeping deeply last night.
                   Selected that number from call-log and dialled up while bringing the handset near my ears. The call got connected and the IVR replied- "Your balance is low, Kindly recharge your number". I thought that last night the weather was tremendous for sleepoholics like me, may be this network was also affected by the weather. So, I again dialled up that number, but the same IVR response. Instantly, I called up to check my last balance deduction's USSD code and this time the message was
                            "Last call/sms charge 1403.58 INR. Current Balance 0.01 INR."
                 Shell shocked and totally awake out of that sleepy-sleepy matter in that pleasant weather, the first thing that I said to myself was - "F***....sara paisa 1 paisa kyu chor bhi le lete, iska kya achaar dalunga" (All money gone, why did the network left 1 paise, what will I do with it).
                  I knew it was my mistake for forcefully listening to Online radio assuming that the mobile will switch off in next few minutes. Thus there was no need to get a case lodged with customer care and ask for a refund or so. As a consequence, I sat back for the next one hour on bed quietly, mourning for the loss of Rs. 1,400 INR for Listening to Radio on Mobile.

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भारतीय शादियाँ और शराब | Indian Weddings and Whisky


बात उस वक़्त की है जब मैं और मेरे सभी दोस्त तैयार हो कर अपने एक दुसरे दोस्त की शादी में गए थें! शराब पीने का आलम इतना के लोग पि कर आये हैं फिर भी कही न कहीं से एक-आध जुगार कर ही ले रहे थें! हाँ, मैं इन् सब चीजों में भले ही शामिल न था पर जो लोग ऐसा कर रहे थे उन्हें गौर से अनुसरण जरुर कर रहा था! खूब पियाई हुई, इतनी हुई के अब खाना खाते-खाते रात के 1 बज ही जाएँगे! फ़िलहाल तो सिर्फ 12 ही बज रहे थें!
                               सबका खाना पीना हो गया था, सिर्फ उन् लोगो का बाकि था जो अभी तक पिने-पिलाने में वयस्थ थे! जो लोग अपने परिवार के साथ आये थें, वे लोग अब जाने की तलाश में थे! मुझसे ये अच्छे-अच्छे पकवान देख कर रहा नहीं जाता! बस मौका मिला तो जाकर थोडा बहोत अपनी जीभा पर रख लेता हु, मेरा मतलब खा लेता हूँ!  और रुकने का भी कोई फ़ायदा नहीं है, रात जितनी बढ़ेगी भूख उतनी हे लगेगी और कभी कभार तो ऐसा भी हुआ है के खाली पेट घर आना पड़ा है!
                               अपने सभी मित्रों में सिर्फ मैं ही था जो अपने खाने के कार्यक्रम से निवृत हो चूका था! बाकि सभी मित्र इधर उधर घुमने में वयस्थ थें! कुछ DJ की ताल पर झूमने में लगे हुए थें! तो कुछ लोग खाने की थाली लेकर लाइन में लगे हुए थे! मैं निश्चिंत होकर बहार निकला! सोचा खाने के बाद थोडा टहल  लेना चाहिए! शादी तो रात भर होते रहेगी! बहार निकला तो देखा के दुनिया तो खुद में ही मस्त है! कोई जगह खोज कर, दारु- पानी के ग्लास में पंच करके मार रहा है तो कोई कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स की बोतल में मिक्स करके गटक रहा है!
                               तभी दूर किसी के झगड़ा करने और चिल्लाने की आवाज़ आई! सोचा के जाकर थोड़ा देखू माजरा क्या है! भले ही शादी को शांतिपूर्वक करवाने की जिम्मेदारी मेरे कंधो पे न हो पर फिर भी एक बार जा कर देखा तो जा सकता है! 
                                जब हम स्पोट पर पहुंचे तो देखते क्या हैं के एक मोटरसाइकिल वाले भैया ने सामने से आ रही साइकिल पर बैठे 2 लरको को थोक दिया है! महासय ज़रा सी पिए हुए थे! पीने का एहसास कुछ ज्यादा हे था क्यों के उनके मोटरसाइकिल से धक्का लगने के बाद उन दोनों लडको की हालत ख़राब थी! 
Road accident animated image

                                 पहला बंदा, जो की साइकिल चालक था, वो सीधा नाले में जा कर किरता है और उसके घुटने की हड्डियों में अच्चा खासा चोट लगा हुआ है, दूसरा लड़का अपने केहुनी की चोट से चिल्ला रहा था! दोनों के सरीर से खून हल्का-हल्का निकल रहा है! धन्य भाग के उतनी महंगी मोटरसाइकिल को कुछ नहीं हुआ था! मैंने भी माजरा समझने के लिए, झगडा शांत कराने की कोसिस करने के लिए सामने खड़े एक नौजवान को पूछा- "की होलो दादा? (क्या हुआ भैया?) सामने वाले ने सारी बात बताई, तब तक मामला और बढ़ गया और देखते ही देखते लोगों की भीड़ बढ़ गयी थी!                
                                कोई कहता के मोटरसाइकिल वाले को पी कर गाड़ी चलाने और एक्सिडेंट करने के लिए पोलिस थाने ले जाया जाये! और कोई और कह रहा होता के पहले डॉक्टर के पास लेकर जाया जाए! दोनों लडको को साइकिल मर्रामत और इलाज का खर्चा मोटरसाइकिल वाला देगा! इतना कहने-सुनने में ही मोटरसाइकिल वाले लड़के के दोस्त आगये! मामला तो अभी तक चिल्ला-मिल्ली तक ही था, पर दोस्तों को सामने देखते ही उनके साथी ने जोर से गुहार लगायी -"ई, हमको मारा हे! ई, हमको मारा हे!" 

crying like a baby


                                इतना कहते ही कहते मोटरसाइकिल वाला लड़का अपने दोस्तों के सामने रोने लगा और ये शब्द बार-बार दोहराने लगा! पर मुझे हंसी इस बात पर आरही थी की जब तक वो मोटरसाइकिल वाला अकेला था तब तक वो साइकिल वाले लडको के समर्थको पर चिल्लाने के अलावा कुछ नहीं कर रहा था, पर जैसे ही दोस्तों को सामने पाया तो पलती मार कर फूट-फूट कर रोते हुए दोस्तों से मदद की गुहार करने लगा!

                                और दोस्त भी ऐसे रोते हुए देख कर भड़क गए! लगे पूछने वहा खड़े लोगो से के किसने मारा है इसे, उसकी इतनी हिम्मत! धीरे-धीरे इस रोने गाने से मामला हटा तो ये हुआ के उन साइकिल वाले लडको को हॉस्पिटल ले जाया गया! उनका सारा खर्चा भी मोटरसाइकिल वाले भाई साहब ने दी! पर अगर ऐसा हे करना था तो दोस्त बुलाने या रोने गाने की क्या जरुरत थी?

                                ऊपर से इतनी महंगी शराब आती है आज कल, अगर शराब के साथ एक्सिडेंट करने का भी खर्चा जोर दिया जाए तो शराब तो काफी मेहेंगी हो जाएगी!

                         उन लडको की चोट इतनी भी गहरी नहीं थी के जान चली जाए और इतनी भी छोटी नहीं थी के जान न ले पाए!

                      क्या शादी ब्याह के माहौल में शराब पीना इतना ही जरुरी हो जाता है????

                       क्या शादी ब्याह के माहौल में इतना शराब पीना जरुरी हो होता है????

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The things I do with my Mobile Internet

Mobile now a days has become a very important part of our lives. From being close to the pocket of your casuals to being on your Office Desk. Helping you out of any situation or finding a solution, keeping your life organised or making it more messy, contacting with your near and dear ones or chatting with your distant pals, sharing your thought and assembling the parts of your virtual life, mobile phones are always there.
South African tribals using mobile phone
Image Courtsey-
                       Mobile phones and its importances are increasing day by day and summarizing the uses of it in everyday life is a challenge itself. The more you say the more leave room for others to point out. Everybody and their taste of Mobile phones are different. Some like to just make and receive calls and SMSes, whereas some like texting and Messaging, but there are some others, who use Mobiles upto its extent by using all its features. And with the growth of Mobile internet users in India, we can say that Internet is now a part of our life. Good news is that- this thing happened in a short span of time because 'Internet is Fun'. You have to find out different ways to use it as a resource.
                       Mobile has always been my closest pal ever. Even their is a story that Why and How I purchased my 1st Android Phone... I was using Nokia E52 and one day I went to Nokia care for Software upgradation and some weird problem happening in it. They asked me to submit it for few days, may be a week or month or so. I was also using another Mobile and that too is a multimedia handset. But giving Nokia E52 to service center was a really pathetic and emotional decision for me. I don't want to give it away to anyone even for a day or so, as I used to surf Internet and do stuffs like Reading Articles, Tweeting, Chatting with friends through IM(Instant Messenger), finding latest news and reviews of Gadgets, reading blogs and commenting,etc.
                       Finally, the decision was made in service center's and Mobile Handset's favor. But, I could not control myself as I can not keep Internet aloof and isolated from my lifestyle. Internet is like a habit and has become as necessary as breathing in every internet users life. I then and their, went to a nearby Mobile Retailers Shop and purchased my 1st Android Handset. Buying a new one was also a tough decision for me. Staying away from internet is not possible for me at all. So, I went to Internet Cafe and searched about new Mobile Phones available in market, without bothering the salesman's of Mobile Retailer Stores.
                      Within an hour, I purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace and was happy go luck as I have saved up my 1 month's Mobile Internet pack after spending some 13K on my new Android Handset. The craze about utility of Internet is not ending and infinite to describe.
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Image Courtesy-
                     Finally got the handset of my choice. The one I would use upto it's extent and would flaunt the amazing things and knowledge from internet to my friends. Being Tomboyish after flaunting your new handset to friends is surely rude, but sharing the amazing and enormous knowledge hosted on internet is a matter of pride and self respect. Thus, I fully charged my new phone on the first night and silently said first words to my new phone that -' Dear Phone, I am a rough user, be prepared and keep your RAM and signals always ready for me, I might use it anywhere, or for anypurpose'. As if this wasn't my Phone but my Robot.
                     Starting from the second day to till now, I have used internet excessively. The merriment of using internet is totally divine.
                        There are different ways of proving 'Internet is Fun', you just need to explore it, just the way I keep exploring here underwith:-

  • Being Connected with Friends and Strangers:-

     Yes, internet makes my social life easy by keeping all my friends and family members being connected to each other. I keep in contact with them through IM or Social Networks like Facebook, Google Plus, whereas sending and recieving memorable or latest Photos and videos from my family members settled abroad or in different city through Mobile Email. Internet also organised my Professional network friends and colleagues. Apart from known persons or family members, it also narrows the gap to interact with strangers and like minded people via Twitter and share my thoughts, ideas or experiences through Blogging. Though I am shy and introvert but I like to interact more frankly with people on internet than Face to Face. Internet also takes care that I should not be sitting idle as 'Idle mind is demon's home'.

  • Oraganising my Day-To-Day Life:- 

    Keeping all your important stuffs always with you is like carrying a big box filled with bricks. It's human tendency to 'Forget'. But, Internet bridges this gap between ForGetting and Getting Things Done(GTD). I keep my notes and important contact details including Mobile Phone's contact list & Calendar synced with cloud. Even important or daily to use documents are also synced on clouds through internet. So that whenever I want it I can use it then and their without finding it out from my messed up Desk. Services like Evernote, Do it (Tomorrow) and Dropbox helps me in organizing my Important notes, to do list, photos, recordings and documents accessible whenever I require them. And all through my Mobile only, by using internet. Checking monthly online Email Statement from my Bank is also a part of managing my Professional life through internet.

        • Searches and Solutions:-

          Whether you are looking for an exam result or finding the dates of forthcoming exams; Searching for latest News & happenings around the world or searching for relevant articles for your need; Finding a perfect mate online or finding a suitable hospital for medical check-up, Just search on internet and the solution is available to you. Whether, it is finding a nearest coffee shop for my personal leisure or booking a Railway Ticket for Mom-Dad's journey to village, or a Movie ticket for my girlfriend to cool her down, its easily done by me through my Mobile and Internet. Thus balancing my life is a matter of KBs and MBs.

          • Downloading, Uploading, Streaming and Syncing:-

            Being an internet crazy person is a not a new thing in today's life but restricting yourself to only just downloads is just not happening. From downloading songs, videos, movies or streaming videos on youtube or Uploading Photos or Videos clicked by Mobile Phone's  Camera, I do all these stuffs from my Mobile. As I have said it earlier I keep my photos, documents, and contacts synced with relevant services on internet.  My data is synced between phones, Computers and Operating Systems. I just need internet to access it.

            • Playfulness of internet is fun:-

              Games are my time-passing evergreen tools but some new sites like Pinterest is also eligible for that place. I use internet on my mobile to play online games available or getting an application for latest game on my mobile. All sort of games are available on internet for free, then why not internet will be a fun filled journey. I use and review different games and Android application on my mobile and be updated about what to use and what not to use. It also helps me maintaining my Android Crazy image among  my Friends, who recently started exploring internet and its capabilities. Thus, I like to look Uber cool in-front of them. All thanks to Internet and my Mobile. A true Loneliness killer indeed.
              Home page and menu page screenshot of android 2.3 smartphone gingerbread
              Image Courtesy-
              • Talking and SMSing using Internet:-

                The old days are over. Its modern era and internet has given modern utililies to us like VOIP calling. But I use calling through your phone using internet through any application like Viber or Tango for free. Now, I send  Free SMSes online if required through a phone application or talk Face to Face using 3G and Video calling from my phone using Skype.

                • Tracking and Analyzing things:- 

                  I am a blogger and a student. Thus I need to take care of each and everything and this one sure is a hectic job. Thus, I download an application for that relevant job and tame the settings of it as per my requirement and forget about it. The application will keep a track record of that thing and I will be informed about it as there is something for me. I use Google reader on mobile to read those blogs which I am following. And, I use Google Analytics App to track my blog and analyse whats happening with that. Finding an unknown place in a far distant place was a strict no-no. But, now a days, I track the route and drive their hassel free using my mobile and its Navigation Map application. Thus, I don't feel unorganized and hectic from my Virual Social Life's prospect.

                • Buying and Selling Online:- 

                  I buy and sell stuffs using some welknown sites  on internet and keep a track of any required product through my Mobile phone's web browser.

                  • Enjoying Student Life:-

                    Student life is the most fun-filled and unorganized + Hectic phase of Life. Nobody wants an end to it to the Fun. But the problems in student life are big too. I keep my Homework and Expenses and incomes tracked on my mobile through relevant Android Applications. Whether it is last date of submitting projects or first day of getting a new homework. I complete it down using internet as well as note them down respectively. Whether it is a simple calculation or a tough calculation, advanced Calculator Applications aren't away from my download using internet.

                    • Personal than Personal:-  What else can be more personal than using internet on mobile? Yes, your passwords are more personal than using internet. But, here too there is 'No Problem'. Just keep your password saved and synced with your mobile browser and lead a life with ease. And Of-course, Birthdays and Anniversaries can not be missed out on a personal basis. I keep note and reminder of Birthdays, important dates and Anniversaries of people around me in my Mobile's Google calendar and never forget to wish them whether I use the same phone or not. And last but not the least, in Personal stuffs, I write my online Diary daily using my Mobile and internet.

                      • Exchaning Notes and ideas from others:-

                        Internet has made interactions with peoples on the other part of  the world, very easy. You just need to find same like minded people out here using Social Networks or Forums and stay connected with them and get to know them and keep exploring things to learn. I extensively use Twitter on Mobile, to interact with my readers and exchange their thoughts and ideas and share mine with them. Apps like foursquare are also being used my me imminently. This kind of short chats and exchanges have proved fruitful for me. I love sharing with online people and the virtual world. Internet has become my 2nd Home.


                        • "Mobile is the new Brain and Internet is the new food":- The way I use internet services and Mobile, it's extremely correct if I say that "Mobile is my new Brain and Internet is the food for my Brain". To keep going I have to use internet and to use internet whenever required, what can be an ideal choice than Mobile Phones? Mobile phone and the fun, using internet on it is increasing by leaps and bounds. One can not ignore it and if I have ignored or missed any utility feature of internet on Mobile, feel free to Comment if I am missing out on anything........
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