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Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-3

Bringing out the 3rd part of the Funny Indian Twitter Handle User series. If you have missed my earlier two blog posts, don't worry. Here is the link for
The motive behind presenting this kind of blog post  and the idea behind it,was to say that "Life has ups and down, but keep smile on your face,always"
                 Now,since you have already followed some cool Indian Twitter users with the help of their wittiness on Twitter. Again I am presenting the last part of this series- Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users.

Note:- To visit any of the Twitter Handle, just click on it and you will be redirected to Twitter without leaving the Blog. Or you can follow them all by following this Twitter List,which I have created for you all Twitterati..
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Funny Twitter Usernames                      Name
  1. @KalMuah                                         #Hash
  2. @RoyallyFaltu                                  Miss B
  3. @ModernOutdated                         OM Raghuvanshi
  4. @InbuiltSinner                                Cult of Personality
  5. @TheFookFace                                Dhaenchu Dhillon
  6. @SexyBichoo                                   Sexy Bichoo
  7. @SunSandRain                               Aparna Gautam
  8. @DeclaredPagal                              Mr DP
  9. @zoomphatak                                  Arjun Shah
  10. @chhavimethi                                  Guru Maata
  11. @UrbanChick_                                 Payal Borana
  12. @Miss_Imp0ssible                           N
  13. @Sinful_Reveries                            Miss Sin
  14. @MaddoMomo                                 Fizz
  15. @Aiwekuchbhi                                  Sarina
  16. @triptoes                                           Tripti Goel
  17. @Pri_Indepndnt                              Sahiba
  18. @nikkupikku                                    Heer
  19. @blackrosegal                                  Black Rose Gal
  20. @MischievousMonk                       Mischieveous Monk
  21. @RantingIndian                              Varun Gawarikar
  22. @ChotuMissMuffet                         Ankitakanabar
  23. @teachmetech                                 Teach Me Tech
  24. @_DesiGirl                                       Aanchal
  25. @BollywoodGandu                         Bollywood Gandu
  26. @CricketGandu                               Cricket Gandu
  27. @Bedardi_Raja                               You Know Who
  28. @bitchwanti                                     Chubby Singh
              The series ends in here. I know still many Funny Twitter Handles are left to be mentioned. And as the day will paas,more and more Funny Twitter Handles will emerge in the market. For,them,I would like to say that, feel free to mention your Twitter name in the comments section if I have missed your name in the three blog posts of this series.
                    Remember....Twitter is a funny place, just take it funnily and lightly.

Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-2

Hello my dear readers, I was overwhelmed with the response that I got for my last Blog Post on Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-1. If some of you have missed it, Click on the red colored sentence or word to read the 1st part of the series Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users.
                 Now,I am going to present you with the 2nd part of it. Its not like that the 1st part only contained top following Twitter handles or Best Tweeters or anything. I have mixed them in different parts of this series. Its you who have to decide to follow whom or to follow not.
                  To visit any of the Twitter Handle, just click on it and you will be redirected to Twitter without leaving the Blog. Or you can follow them all by following this Twitter List,which I have created for all Indian Twitter users.. 

Funny Indian Twitter users funny handles and usernames
Pic Courtesy-Internet

(Updated 2015)
 Funny Twitter Handle                      Name
  1. @Trendulkar                                Trendulkar
  2. @Mindd_it                                  Rob!nhood
  3. @teraKaminaDost                       Tera Kamina Dost !!!
  4. @Choti_Daku                               Pink Boot Girl
  5. @DedhShaani                                     R
  6. @JokesDostiEtc                            Riya
  7. @MaidumJi                                  Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. @ScrewDrivr                                            X
  9. @iVitamin_C                                Ms.Lemo'N'ade
  10. @Gulabo_                                   Aarti Ghai
  11. @laalfirangi                                 Sahil
  12. @Suppandi                                  Suppandi
  13. @ChhotaRecharge                    Mrs. Chulbul Pandey
  14. @faltoo                                       Pratyush Mittal
  15. @crazy_jugni                                Annie Gupta
  16. @TharkeeChokri                       Dipty Gurjar
  17. @Sai_ki_bitiya                                 SKB
  18. @HoshiyaarChaddi                   Manju Modiyani
  19. @TheMantalBwoy                      Harsh Mehta
  20. @chillygobi                              Chilly Gobi ki Sabji
  21. @GodSaveIndia                        God Save India
  22. @me_indian                                Aam Admi
  23. @bhalomanush                              Keltu
  24. @tantanoo                                 Santanu
  25. @diogeneb                                 Diogeneb
  26. @NaturesDoodle                    *ting ting tiding*
  27. @TheBigBhookad                   Adarsh Munjal
  28. @FlirtingKaapi                       Sneha
  29. @SimplySilly_                     Akshita
  30. @Ghanta_Engineer            Ghanta Engineer
  31. @funjabi_gabru                  Varun K. Mehta
  32. @BakchodiBaba                  Soumya Asthana
  33. @Prankoholic                           Priyanka
  34. @masakali_                         Dilli Wali Masakali
  35. @MainBhiEngineer              EngiNerd
Note:-  Twitter is a funny place, just take it funnily

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    Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users : Part-1


    Social Networking,the most fastly growing virtual network. Lots of options were and are in market like Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, and Twitter. The only difference is that they have different concepts to stay in market. Today,I will talk about Twitter.There was one time when I was addicted to Facebook,then Twitter snatched me from it. Social Networking is addictive.
                 The very best part of Twitter is its Twitter Handle/Username and Bio(not chemistry or physics). It is the first thing that impresses the other person and makes him a follower. We in Twitter like to follow people who are Witty in nature or are from our background or group. I am not here to promote anyone,neither to hinder his/her privacy. I am here to present few 100 Funny Indian Twitter Handle Users. Since the list is too long,I will just be writing it in parts with the Funny Twitter Handles and User defined name only.
                 The rest is your work to decide whom to follow based on their Tweets and who is more funny apart from their Twitter Handles. Either you do this by judging the Twitter Handle or just reading their Bio or Tweets, solely dependent on you

         Note:- Twitter is a funny place, just take it funnily.To visit any of Twitter Handle below,just click on it and you will be redirected to Twitter without leaving the Blog. Or you can follow them all by following this Twitter List, Click Here

    Pic courtesy-internet

    Funny Twitter Handle                  Name

    1. @GabbbarSingh                                Gabbar Singh
    2. @lady_gabbar                                   Switty Switty Switty
    3. @fakingnews                                     Faking News
    4. @Ponga_Pandit                                 Ponga Pandit
    5. @MunnaHazare                                Munna Hazare
    6. @Diamond_Sword                            Dr. Ravi
    7. @Laugh_Riot                                    Laugh Riot
    8. @uble_ande                                      Arpit Agrawal
    9. @Masala_Chaai                               Vijay
    10. @diggyleaks                                     Amrita Pritam
    11. @Funny_Leone                                Comedian Praveen
    12. @SimpooSir                                      S S Sodhi
    13. @SomeBirdie                                    Chidiya Rani
    14. @ekcupcoffee                                   Nirav Mehta
    15. @punvati                                                 D
    16. @NanguPanguu                               Wills the Dopey
    17. @OhTeri_                                        Oblivious Dragon
    18. @HitlerBai                                         Suruchi Kulkarni
    19. @BeingHitler                                     Sir Adolf Hitler
    20. @NashiliAnkhein                            Priayanck Saboo
    21. @Ras_Maalaii                                  Aanchal
    22. @MhaAgyaani                                  Agyaani
    23. @Suckeena                                       Suckeena Bibi
    24. @SirZaidHamid                                Zaid Hamid(Parody)
    25. @abdullah_0mar                               Omar Abdullah (Parody)
    26. @ek_samosa_dena                            Ek Samosa Dena bhai
    27. @BhokalTweet                                 Crime Master GoGo
    28. @coolfunnytshirt                               Keh Ke Pehno
    29. @FAVritRTist                                    FavritRTist
    30. @varanasilive                                    Baba Bawandarnath
                         I hope you liked my 1st article on Funny Indian Twitter Handles and users. Give me your valueable feedback in comments so that I can feel your support to write about the next parts on my blog. Feel Free to share.


    Helpful Websites for Commerce Students and Professionals like Company Secretary, Cost Accountant and Chartered Accountants

    Apart from printed books,we students need to go through the latest happenings and new amendments in our study field. Here,I am going to present a list of Important and Helpful websites for Students and Professionals for the field of Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountants of India.  I am sure,you know about most of the websites or can get it after searching it on web. But I tried my bit to bring them in a single and rememberable place,that it my blog article. It took a long time,search and specialised knowledge from teachers and professionals of this field to present a list of these websites. I am thankful to them for their support.

    knowledgeable website for commerce students in india to remain up-to-date

    Note- Click on the RED colored word or sentence to open the website linked within.
    1. The Institute of Company Secretary of India-ICSI:-

      This is the home site of "The Institute of Company Secretaries of India". It is much of a help for checking the latest news and happenings in the field of Company Secretary,the process to Enroll,Criteria,Fees and dues payment,Exam schedule,Results, e-Learning,Acts,Rules and New Amendments in this field.Even you can get important phone numbers of ICSI officials,Chapters and ROC's.
    2. The ICSI Portal :- The ICSI Portal is also a dedicated website from ICSI to its students and members. You can make use of this site by Signning up or logging in with your Student Registration Number or Membership No. In this way,you can get the current status of your admit card,registration status,exam schedule,E-Marksheet, Online Renewal,Restoration and Cancellation of Membership, Updating Personal Information, Online Request for Duplicate iCard,Admit Card,Marksheets and Pass Certificates ,Viewing and Printing Registration,Denovo,Exemption, etc.
    3. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India – ICAI :- Previously known as The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India aka ICWAI. The home page of this institute deals almost same like its competetior and peers. It also helps in Career options in this field,along with informations about the Criteria,Process and Fees. It also updates you Acts,Rules and New Amendments in this field. A helpful and well constructed website to fulfill your needs.
    4. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India- ICAI:- A complete site for Begginers,Members,Employers seeking employee.etc This website provides help to Members and Students like the above mentioned sites do as well as e-Learning,Tenders and Notices. Explaining a websites full features in just few words will not be fair,but one thing is for sure,it is really an important and helpful website for Students and Professionals from the Peer fields.
    5. National Stock Exchange-NSE INDIA:-

      Well,we all know about this website.A commerce student can not miss this site as it deals with listed companies as a secondary market for share trading under the roof named National Stock Exchange-NSE. From Equity Share Trading to Foreign Exchange,Derivatives,F&O,Calls and Put,Futures and Options,Investor guide,NSE Paathsala,etc. A complete set of knowledge portal for trading.

    6. Bombay Stock Exchange- BSE India :-

      Bombay Stock Exchange,as we all know it by this name. It is also an important part of our economy. It is a different trading bench than NSE India,but here I will not compare both of them. Instead, I would like to mark that it is also a helpful site for professional life or student life. Much to learn from here,you just have to exploit things to learn.
    7. Securities and Exchange Board of India:-

      So,If you are Trading in share markets or having a close look on it,then,you must have some knowledge about Securities and Exchange Board of India. And to become a professional in this field you must keep yourself updated with this website. Atleast for amendments and news related to SEBI Act.
    8. Reserve Bank of India-RBI :-

      We all know Reserve Bank of India,it is the Central Bank of India. We Commerce students and Professionals must check RBI's website regularly to keep ourself updated on New RBI Rules,Amendments,Norms,Policies and latest happenings in World Currency.
    9. Ministry of Law and Justice- India :-

      The website of Ministry of Law and Justice in India to keep you updated with latest amendments in law or to assist you while you need any help.
    10. Ministry of Corporate Affairs-India :-

      Previously known as Ministry of Company Affairs,is a well dedicated site and Ministry of Indian Government to look upon the Corporate affairs in India. From MCA21 to New Rules and Amendments updated time to time without any backlog. Great to check the latest updates on Corporate world and lots of other things too.
    11. Central Board of Excise and Customs :- Specialization is needed,So if you want to specialize in Indirect Taxes as an option for your professional life,do have a regular look at the updates and news from the website of Central Board of Excise and Customs.
    12. Company Law Board :- ICSI students should always be updated on the new amendments and laws related to Company Law Board. Not only they,but also any Commerce Professional who needs to keep himself updated for Company Law,regularly check this website.
    13. Income Tax Department-India :- Okay,we can not deny this website. We do it regularly and thus need to abide by the latest Norms and Happenings in the world of Income Tax. And for this,we have the webiste of Income Tax Department with us to keep ourself updated.
    14. Taxguru :- Well,there are lots of options of alternatives or shortcuts, but one should not rely on only one. Here's's website for keeping ourself updated on matters of Taxation or get a help when we need.
    15. Taxmann-India :- Last,but not the least. Taxmann's website is a very important and helpful website for Commerce Professionals. One should not forget about the Brand name of Taxmann. Become a member here,keep yourself updated with the latest happening on the road without much efforts. 
                                    Dear Friends,These are some important and useful websites to keep yourself updated and aware of latest happenings in the field of Commerce in India and abroad. Just stick to these sites whenever you get time and explore different informations from them. Share this blog post to your friends on social media - Knowledge increseases by sharing.
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