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The worst day of my Life when I lost The Ghazal King 'Jagjit Singh'

I will start this from the very beginning, it was 9th October 2011 at around 10pm IST. I finished my dinner, came online as of daily routine. Logged in to Facebook, checked out my stuffs, read some blogs. As nothing was making me feel good I thought to go to bed and take a sleep. I have made my mind that from today itself I will wake up in time, will sleep early and without wasting my time on FB at nights.
ghazal meastro king ustaad jagjit singh ji koi sandesh
                            The atmosphere was breeze-less tonight. As I was not feeling sleepy,I took out my mp3 player and started listening to romantic and soft-core songs. But all in vain, finally, I thought to get myself relieved by listening to Ghazals of Jagjit Singh Ji. I always have the folder named 'Jagjit Singh' whether it is my phone or MP3 player. I have been a fan of him since the time someone very special asked me to listen to his songs to help me calm myself and control my aggressiveness.
            It was 2006 that I got myself addicted to his voice. My first expereince after listening to his ghazal was "Why haven't I tried it earlier? OMG, what a miss it was!!". His voice acted as a therapist to me, helped me in healing the wounds which I got from this world. His songs also acted as a teacher as it teaches me lots of things. For example, the feeling of what is love can be felt through his song "Mere Jaise Ban Jaoge Jab Ishq Tumhe ho Jaega".
            I kept on listening to his ghazals. Feeling relieved and fresh, there was no mood to sleep. So I kept on listening madly as someone was pouring divine words into my ears. The more I was listening, the more I was feeling fresh. I didn't even notice that it was morning 6am, the 10th October 2011. The birds were chirping loudly as they wanted to say something to me but I did not understand that they were crying and informing me about something very unfortunate to happen today.
            But now I have to sleep for the next 2 hours so nobody at home could understand that I was awake the whole night. Keeping the headphones in my ear, I slept listening to his songs. After a small nap woke up at 8:45am and switched on my computer from sleep mode. On the other hand,I got myself done with all those freshen-up stuffs, came back to my room, opened up facebook and the first thing which I saw on my timeline feed shocked me as nothing.
Jagjit Singh the ghazal king maestro from India

                   Some news channels have posted on Facebook about Jagjit Singh's unfortunate death due to Brain Haemorrhage. I was shocked and was not able to believe on this news as this might me a misunderstanding.I knew that he was hospitalised in Lilavati Hospital due to Brain Hemorrhage but his condition was stable and was recovering faster.
           Then and there I checked out on internet about the loyalty of this news. As few days before someone running a page on facebook posted this kind of news and in return got lots of criticism regarding this, from others and me too. But unfortunately this time,the news was true, which I was not expecting to be. I then and there called my friends, who are also fans of Jagjit Singh and informed them about this unfortunate incident. They were also shell shocked. I could not believe on my luck that just few hours before I was listening to his Ghazals and Nazms and now he is no more.
            I always wanted to attend his Live concert, at least once, but God also snatched this opportunity from me. Recently he came to Kolkata for a concert in the month of September 2011 but I was not aware of this. Later someone told me that tickets of that concert were all sold, there was no chance to get any at that point of time.
           Whatever!! But there will be a regret throughout my life that I was not able to attend his Live concert in my life. And possibly,will not attend anyone else's concert ever in my life as nobody can be much greater and better person in comparison to what Jagjit Singh Jee was. He has experienced ups and downs in his life but always positioned himself strongly after this. His pain can be experienced from his Ghazals and voice. "Chithi na koi sandesh, Jane wo kaun sa desh Jahan tum chale gaye" is a perfect example of this, which seems to be dedicated to his one and only son Vivek Singh, who died in an accident in 1999. After this, his wife Chitra Singh left singing, but he stood strongly and kept singing for his fans. A perfect example to follow.
                  I also love the singles or ghazals sung by Chitra Singh, but adore those songs sung by the duo, specially "Milkar juda hue to na soya karenge hum, ek dusre ke yaad me roya karenge hum" & 'Dono ke Dil hain majbur pyar se, Hum kya karein meri jaan,tum kya karo'  and  "Hum to hain pardesh mein, desh mein nikla hoga chand". Now I am just assuming the situation of Chitra jee, feeling very sad for her.
jagjeet singh chitra singh ghazal king maestro jagjit singh ji
Photo Source-Internet
                          It is almost 6 days from that 10th October,still it is impossible for me and my friends to believe that we have lost this great treasure of our life. We are still expecting him to comeback, but somewhere it is impossible. At the same moment his songs come into mind singing on his behalf "Shahad jine ka mila karta hai thora-thora, Jane walon ke liye Dil nahi thora karte, Hath chuthe bhi to Ristey nahi chora karte"
evergreen ghazal king Jagjit Singh
Photo Source-Internet
                           But after experiencing all these 6 days without him,my reply is "Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai...aaj fir aapki kami si hai"


Durga Puja-The Great Indo-bong Festival

bengali durga puja by zamindars
Durga Idol worshipped by Zamindar Family through years

It's Durga Puja...The well known biggest festive season in West Bengal.,now a days,Paschimbanga. This year too it was wonderful. It was delightful and different from past years Durga Puja.I went along my friends and checked out some unique puja mandap themes and idols in different style and shape. We hovered all around Kolkata and Howrah. It was not like old days,when I used to go with Papa and Maa,holding their fingers, though I missed those days this festival season. I can remember that I used to be a naughty child and always in a hurry to release my hands and run here and there among the crowd and let them find me. I guess, I was always in a playful mood. But not this time,as I went with my friends on bike and hovered the whole city gazing at pandals, idols and people wearing different types of clothes,from different places,with different nature,different style,but having a common spirit to enjoy Durga Puja.
              The best part of Durga Puja is that people come from all over the world to experience this festive season.Durga Puja is mere begining,as after this West Bengal will experience Lakkhi Puja, Deepawali, Jagdhatri Puja and the final destination will be Chath Puja. I will definately blog about all these festivals and my experiences about them,stick to my blog for latest ones. 

durga puja 2011 howrah at kona bazar
At Kona,Howrah

kolkata bengali durga puja pandal mandap 2011 in howrah
Temple Themed Pandal

durgapuja kolkata 2011 godess durga hindu deity maa durga lakshmi saraswati kartik ganesh
Durga puja mandap in howrah during pujo 2011
Standard looking Durga Idol with Ganesha, Saraswati,Lakhsmi and Kartik

goddess durga idol at durga puja in kolkata esplanade hog market
Durga Murti, outside KMC, Hog Market, Esplanade, Kolkata
Shiny durga puja idols murti kolkata
Golden Shine on Durga Idols

Muddy idols of kolkata durga pujo in west bengal
Muddy look Idols
recreating lotus temple as durga puja pandal in dankuni howrah mandap
Lotus Temple themed Durga Puja Pandal near Dankuni Station, 2011
Shivalinga themed Durga Puja Pandal at Golabari, Howrah
Shivlinga themed Puja Pandal
Green colored durga murti in pujo kolkata howrah 2011 year
Green Durga-My Favorite


Poor People in Rich India, where are the so called philanthropists?

 photo Indian poor man sleeping openly in mid winter without clothes but just plastic
Poor man sleeping openly in chilly weather without clothes but just a plastic wrap.

poor indian man sleeping in chilling weather without clothes but just plastic cum paper rap
It was Ganpati Visarjan of 2011, a normal day in the month of September with neither hot nor colder night. What astonished me suddenly was glimpse of a man sleeping on the cemented seats on the Ganges ghat of Bandhaghat wrapping up himself with few pages of newspaper and a plastic sheet. Don't know whether he had his supper or not. But to keep himself aloof from cost of the treatment of diseases like cough, cold or malaria, he had covered up himself with a piece of paper as the breeze from river Ganges were not strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away from this home-less guy. He might be a Rickshaw Puller or a labourer, may be an unemployed poor or a beggar. By observing his condition I found that he didn't even had a piece of cloth on his body other than his underwear which made my assumption strong for him to be poor beggar.
                  I found myself in an awkward situation. Felt pity for that poor guy from an Indian citizen and a human's perspective, that my own race is lagging behind in basic facilities even in this 21st century.

Ganpati Visarjan - A Rare Chance which I gotta experience

Ganesh Visarjan is being performed by Howrah lads on Bandhaghat river shore
Back to back Ganesh Visarjan at Bandhaghat Ferry Ghat
 It was a hectic day on 4th September 2011 as I after finishing the birthday party of TS, went to tutions. While returning back to home made a phone call to a friend just to ask whether Ganpati Visarjan is done or not. Fortunately they were late and I got a chance to experience that moment with friends. Asked them to slow down as it will take 15 minutes from my place to reach them. Went up there, parked my bike and bag in a safe place. Joined them on the streets leading to Ganges ghat, popularly known as Bandhaghat in Howrah. They danced throughout the way upto the ghat celebrating the festival of Ganesh Puja to its fullest. Later they stopped, prayed and submerged the idol of Lord Ganesha into the river Ganges.
Lord Ganesha puja idol immersion visarjan rituals performed at river ganga ghat howrah
Ganesh Visarjan successfully done at Salkia Bandghat Ferry dock

I was lucky to experience this not only because they were late on their way to Ganesh Visarjan but because I was fortunate enough to pray in-front of Lord Ganesha and also had an opportunity to drink coconut water from the coconut which was used to worship him. It really felt nice for the rare chance which I got to experience along with drinking that sweet coconut water. Ganpati Bappa....Morya


If my hobby is to collect SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Cards, what's so weird in it?

I have adopted a hobby of collecting SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) Cards since I was in class 10 during mid 2005. In 2005 I purchased my first mobile. Watching to receive calls and SMS with the help of a chip based plastic object excited me about this technology and this stuff called SIM Card. As the time passed the interest in this plastic object turned up into a hobby. It does not matter to me whether it was collected when it was in working condition or not. The thing that matters is that I want to collect and keep them safely with me. It gives me a sort of happiness when I watch them after taking it out from my collection box. They are of uneven colors with different company logos. I have SIM Cards from different telecom service providers of India. Some of them are rare as those companies either stopped there service or were acquired by another company such as Spice, Command, Hutch.Till now I only had an international SIM Card of Hutch from Thailand, given to me by my Brother-In-Law(Jija Ji) but unfortunately can not find it in my SIM Card collection box anymore.
Name written by using old and damaged SIM cards of Mobiles and Smartphones
A small collection of SIM cards to name a few more JANAK out there.
                  Good news is that the prices of SIM cards are getting cheaper in India. So nobody finds this as a hobby and laughs at me but I never mind, because collecting SIM cards would make me feel happy not them. All SIM cards are not used my me personally but some are mine while some are of my friends and the people connected to me. As most of them know my hobby, they handover me there blocked or used SIM cards by their own. Whenever I open the SIM card collection box I love to do some weird stuffs with these non-working collected SIM cards to kill my lonelliness. For example- like writing names of people related to me,my friends,drawing sculptures,etc using those collected SIM cards. What's your Hobby??
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