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Hidden meaning behind my name - Facebook Application

I used a third party application on Facebook called "Find the hidden meaning Behind Your Name". This application calculates the hidden meaning behind any name through numerology. Here's what I got after using it.

Dear JANAK, your profile number is 1 based on below formula :

J + A + N + A + K
1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 2 = 10
1 + 0 = 1
Here to learn leadership, independence and decision making skills, you strive to do your best possible when involved in any project that requires your original thinking. You are a pioneer reaching out to create or invent new ways of doing things. The status quo is just not good enough, and you are always looking for a better method to accomplish a given task. Strong willed and able to stand on your own two feet, life gives you many challenges and tests. You forge forward, eager to learn, experience, and meet your goals. You can become so involved in a project, others may see you as compulsive. From your perspective, you are absorbed in what you are doing, enjoying every minute of it, and prefer to work on the project rather than break from it. You are motivated. You are self-reliant, think for yourself, and determined to be self-made. You are a leader, a promoter, and meet obstacles with courage. Be careful to not be too overpowering of others dreams and wishes. When in a negative frame of mind, you can be domineering and too aggressive. Learn to inject new and original ideas, not force them on others.

I do not know that how much is fact in this information provided above,but overall I found it to be motivating and a bit true to what I want to pursue in my life....
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